How to Make Custom Pegboard Hangers

What You'll Need
Wire hangers
Wire cutters
Safety gloves

Pegboard hangers are great organizational tools for you to use because you can move them around anytime you want to. As long as you have a pegboard in place, you have an array of storage opportunities. Pegboard hangers are fairly inexpensive to purchase, but a lot of times they don't quite fit the use you have for them. Luckily, customizing your own hooks is very simple and requires minimal investment on your part, if any. Follow the guide below for further instructions.

Step 1 - Understand How Pegboard Hangers Work

Before you actually create a hanger, it may be wise to look at existing ones for inspiration. You can see that the hook that normally gets inserted into the board is curved a bit so it doesn't slide out. It isn't a right angle. You will need to emulate this idea in your own pegs.

Step 2 - Cut the Hanger

Put on your safely gloves before you start working. You don't want the sharp edges of the wire to cut you along the way. You can use the wire found in a wire hanger for your pegs. You have a few different cutting options here. You can cut off the hook at the top of the hanger so that all you have left is bent wire, or you could actually use that hook and just cut some wire along one side that you will straighten later. All you need to do is take your wire cutters and try to cut through the area you want for your desired length. Sometimes the wire won't just cut through though, in which case you will need to bend the wire at the cut back and forth until the two pieces eventually separate.

Step 3 - Bend the Wire

Once you have the length of wire you want, use your pliers to bend the wire so that you have a hook on the bottom and a hook on top. This should be in an 'S' formation so that one hook can sink into the peg and the other can be used to hang stuff on. To avoid a lot of bending, you can use the natural bends of the hanger to make at least one. Usually those work well for the peg inserts because they aren't quite bent enough to hold anything up.

Step 4 - Test the Hanger

Put your hook in the pegboard and see if it will sit there nicely. then hang something on it to test it's weight capabilities. If the hanger slides out, try making the top hook that gets inserted into the board a bit more rounded. That way it has a stronger hold on the back.

Step 5 - Paint if You Desire

If you want to have all of your hooks the same color, just use some spray paint to go over them. Allow them to dry and then they should be ready for use.