How to Make Decorative Shutters

What You'll Need
Miter saw
Screw gun
Tape measure
Wooden boards
Galvanized screws

Decorative shutters can help to enhance the beauty of your house’s outside appearance. It can be a good idea to make your house more beautiful if the appearance of your house is too plain. Keep in mind that decorative shutters are different from ordinary functional shutters. You must not try to build a functional shutter all by yourself. If you do not construct it properly, it may damage your windows or break in a storm. However, if you want to decorate your home, you can make decorative shutters and put them over your windows. You need some tools and wood to complete this project.

You must have seven wooden boards, and they should be 1x3 and approximately 6 feet long. As for the galvanized screws, you should have two sizes: some of them are ¾-inch and the others are 2-inch screws. If you want your decorative shutters to last for a long period of time, use wooden boards which are made of cedar wood. This type of wood has a long durability and it gives your house a country-like appearance.

Step 1 – Measuring the Window Frames

Use a tape measure to calculate the dimensions of your windows. Cut six pieces of wood from your boards with your miter saw. Make sure that they are 1x3 plus an extra 2 inches. Here is an example: if your window is 40 inches high, cut the wood at a height of 42 inches. Now use the miter saw again and cut six pieces from your seventh and last wooden board. The pieces must have a length of 10 inches.

Step 2 – Making the Decorative Shutters

Place three of your longer wooden piece on a bench. Make sure that they are next to each other and there is a small gap of half an inch between the boards. Place a 10-inch wooden pieces on the center of the boards perpendicularly. Fix the 10-inch piece over the other pieces with two ¾-inch galvanized screws. Keep in mind that you should place the screws exactly at the points where the wooden boards intersect.

Put two other 10-inch pieces over the boards and fix them again with ¾-inch screws. Make sure that the two wooden pieces are at a distance of between six and eight inches from the upper and lower edges of the longer wooden pieces.

Step 3 – Painting the Decorative Shutters

Repeat the same procedure to make the second decorative shutter. After you finish, apply paint to your decorative shutters and allow it to dry thoroughly. If you want, you can decorate the shutters a bit more by coating them with a weatherizing sealant spray.

Step 4 – Mounting the Decorative Shutters

When you see that the paint has dried completely, take the decorative shutters and put them near the outer side of your window frame. Fix them in place with 2-inch galvanized screws