How to Make Door Jamb Armor

What You'll Need
Tool box
Screw driver
Measuring tape
Door shield
Door jamb
Hinge shield

Door jamb armor can help protect the house from burglars. Of course, it is not possible to protect the house from all threats, but it is possible to eliminate many of them. Worldwide, people install door jamb armor as it is supposed to the best preventive measure amongst all others available. Thanks to the advanced technology that goes into making door jamb armor, each and every part of your front door including the locks and hinges are protected and burglar proof by implementing this technique.

Step 1 - Open the Door and Loosen the Lock

The first step is to open the door and loosen the door lock. Make sure that the lock and all of its components are kept in place. Once the lock is removed, install the door shield towards the side of the door in such a manner that it does not hinder the way the door lock works.

Step 2 - Nail the Door Shield and Double-Check its Function

Once the door shied is installed, ensure that it is nailed from both sides so that it firmly stays in place. Check if the door lock functions properly. Double check to ensure that the door lock can function independently without facing any kind of obstruction from the door shield. Tighten the screws of the lock and check to see if it works perfectly. If it works as before, then your door shield installation is complete

Step 3 - Remove the Door Casing to Remove All Debris

Remove the door casing that holds the door in place, starting from the side opposite to the hinges. Ensure that the entire casing has been removed. Inspect the gap between the wall and the casing. Use a hand saw to remove all debris between the door jamb and the rough frame. Make sure that all screws are removed before you proceed to the next step. Install the jamb shield in the gap between the wall and the rough structure. Be certain that the jamb shield is the same size and width as the structure. Nail the jamb shield into the door shield.

Step 4 - Nail Back the Structure and Tighten the Screws

Once the jamb shield has been installed, nail back the structure holding the door. Make sure that all screws have been tightened and firmly placed. Open and close the door a few times to ensure that all pieces have been perfectly aligned.

Step 5 - Taking off the Hinges and Placing the Hinge Shield

Now , we move to the hinge shields. Firstly take off all the hinges and place the hinge shield on the door jam. Ensure that the door jam and rough frame has been cut to install the hinge shield in such a a manner that the long leg is hid between them. Nail it into place to add extra protection to the existing hinges.