How to Make Folding Bar Stools

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Safety Glasses
Sliding Bevel
Drill that has 1/8-inch Bit, 1/4-inch Bit and Countersink Bit
65mm x 20mm Tallow Hardwood Decking at 3.9m, 3.0m and 2.4m
50 x 50mm Chipboard Screws
6 x 50mm x 1/4-inch Gutter Bolts
Wood Stain
Paint Brush

It is important when making folding bar stools that you have all the correct measurements and materials ready as inaccurate measurements can delay the project. Since folding bar stools can be stored, it is a great way to save on space when you need some extra room.

Step 1 – Cut Wood

Before cutting the wood pieces, put on your safety glasses. Using the wood at 3.9m long, cut 8 pieces at 420mm long and 1 at 460mm. Seven of the 8 pieces of 420mm will be slats for the seat and the backrest. The remaining one will be turned into the front foot support and the 460mm piece will be made into the support for the lower rear legs.

Cut 2 pieces at 350mm to use as side rails from the 3m length. Be sure that each end has a bevel of 30 degrees. Use what is left of the 3m wood to make 2 front legs at 765mm each and both legs should also have a bevel of 30 degrees. Then using the same 3m length, cut off 200mm and bevel the ends to 30 degrees.

Use the 2.4m length to cut 2 pieces at 1050mm which will become the back legs. At 140mm down the wood, cut 60 degree angles at one end of both pieces and cut 30 degree angles at the other ends.

Step 2 – Assemble Legs

Place the 5 420mm slats evenly apart in between the 2 side rails. Then secure them with 2 screws per slat. Screw both 200mm offcuts to the inside of the side rails. If done properly, they should hang over the edge by 65mm.

Put the front leg flat on your workspace and then cross the back leg over the front ones. Measure 390mm up the short pieces and mark the position with a pencil for screws to be placed there. This is where the edge of the longer front legs will begin. Then, drill a 1/4-inch hole and use a 50mm gutter bolt, washer and locknut.

Step 3 – Assemble Seat

Now that both sides for the legs are attached, you are ready to put the seat in. Measure 680mm from the ground and go up to get the height of the seat. Drill a 1/4-inch hole and lock it in with a 50mm gutter bolt, washer and locknut. The front edge of the seat should line up with the forward edge of the front legs. Once again, drill a 1/4-inch hole and secure with a 50mm gutter bolt, washer and wing nut.

Step 4 – Assemble Backrest

Drill and then screw the small wedge to the top of the back legs with 1 screw at the top from behind the seat and the other from the front bottom. Screw the two backrest slats, then make the cross members. The 420mm piece will go on the front legs, going up 150mm from the bottom. The 460mm piece will be placed across the back legs, also going up 150mm from the bottom.

Step 5 – Stain

Once you have built your folding bar stool, finish off with a stain.