How To Make Framed Pegboards

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  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Magnets (optional)
Flat push pins
Felt cutouts
Hot glue gun
Scrapbook paper

Pegboards are a great way to stay organized and be creative. They can allow you to post important notes, photos or even hang items on. For example, you could hang clothes or toys onto it. But another great option is to make them look like a decorative bulletin board. Here is how to use a pegboard to match and organize a room.

Buying the Pegboard

You will have 2 options to choose from when it comes to pegboards. You will have an option to buy a wooden pegboard or a metal one. Which one you will choose will depend on how you will use it. With a metal one you can use magnets, and a wooden one you can use push pins. Both will work fine with the pegs, but you will likely want to add things without pegs.

Make sure that you pay attention to what size you buy, so you can get the appropriate size for the frame. If you cannot buy a frame for the size, buy the frame closest to the size and cut to fit the frame.

Buy the Frame

You will need to get the frame. If you cannot find one large enough, you can buy the next largest and cut the pegboard to fit the frame.

As for the style, you know the look you are going for the best. You can choose from many types of frames that are out there. You can mix or match them to the pegboard if you wish. Have fun with it.

Prepare the Pegboard

Prepare the pegboard with a good wipe down to remove any stickiness from them. If they do not fit the frames, measure, and mark where you will need to cut them so they can fit the frames.

Fix Up the Board

Go ahead and start decorating it. Add stickers, push pins and glitter sticks. Mix and match it with foam board or cover it with cloth or paper. Make it your own and unique. If you do use paper or cloth directly on the pegboard, add holes to it so you can use pegs or push pins.

Place Pegboard in the Frame

Remove the back of the frame and remove the glass if you plan on using it as a bulletin board. Place the pegboard face down and put the backing over the frame to hold it all together.

Add Pegs

Once you have the frame and pegboard ready, you can begin to add things like photos or notes when you turn the frame right side up. You can also glue on the pegs with a hot glue gun. If you choose to do that, make sure that you wipe away any excess glue that seeps out around the pegs when you place them in. Pin photos, notes or whatever you want to.

Hang Up the Framed Pegboard on the Wall

The final step is to hang it up on the wall. It would be best to do it with a kit from your local hardware or craft store that supports heavier items.