How to Make Glow in the Dark Paint

What You'll Need
Glow in the dark powder
Clear paint medium
Mixing bowl
Mixing stick
Damp cloth

Making your own glow in the dark paint is not as difficult as many people think it might be. However, it does have a very short shelf life and whatever amount you make should be the amount you intend to use. Glow in the dark powder will settle to the bottom of the paint medium after a short time and will lose it's glowing properties. It can be made for use on walls, clothes and various other materials.

Step 1 – Preparation

Prepare the items and place everything nearby. Have a damp cloth at hand to wipe up any spillages. Start by pouring your chosen amount of paint in to the mixing bowl. Add the glow in the dark powder.

Step 2 - Ratios

Ideally, the ratio needs to be about 1 part powder to 2 parts paint medium. However, all of this depends on the make and brand of glow in the dark powder that you purchase. Some powder crystals are moderately larger than others, so the powder will either appear fine or grained or granulated. If you have a larger grain you will require less, although if you want more glow, you can add more. The ratios are not science based so use your skill and judgment about how mix it.

Step 3 – Reactions

The amount of powder you use will have 2 effects on the paint medium. The first effect is that it will start to dry into the paint, similar to adding flour to a cake mixture and it will thicken just a little, rather than dissolve. The second thing that will happen is that for the amount of paint you have in the bowl the ratio of glow in the dark powder to paint medium will affect the level of glow you get.

Step 4 – Mixing

Mix the 2 compounds together using the paint mixing stick and mix thoroughly until they are completely and thoroughly blended. One thing to keep in mind when adding the powder is to remember the ratios and don’t mix it too thick. The more bright your paint mix appears, the less smooth it will be in consistency.

Step 5 – Storing

If you wish to store the paint temporarily you can keep it in a plastic bottle with a thin nozzle. If you wish you use it to write on clothes or material the thin nozzle will help to guide your writing, but remember to use a paint medium that is more suitable to fabrics rather than walls. When you wish to use the glow in the dark paint, give it a good shake for about 30 seconds. It may not shake too well if you have mixed it too thick so you will have to stir it well to agitate the glow in the dark powder crystals and get them mixed back in the paint medium again.