How to Make Hanging Wooden Signs

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wood sealer
Loops or wire hangers
Picture hanging hardware

Wooden signs can be useful and needed for several reasons such as to show directions, advertise events or just as a standard sign. So, anyone might require wooden signs for one thing or another sometime. Hence, it is useful to know the basic guidelines which can enable us to make them on our own.

Step 1 - Decide Where You Will Hang the Signs

Depending on the places where you will be hanging the signs you will then decide on the appropriate measurements. Obviously the larger the sign the more it will attract attention from a distance, and the more information you can include on it. However the place where you will hang it will directly affect the maximum size you can utilize for your wooden signs. Write down the measurements so as to keep them handy while you are creating your wooden signs. You may wish to create signs with different sizes.

Step 2 - Purchase Plywood Sheets

Depending on the measurements you decided on purchase the number of plywood sheets you will need to make your wooden signs. This will also depend on the amount of wooden signs you will make.

Step 3 - Cutting

Use a saw to cut your plywood sheets according to the sizes you recorded. Remember to always wear safety gear when cutting up your wood.

Step 4- Sand the Plywood

Scrub the plywood with a sandpaper so as to remove any indentations and irregularities. Sand particularly around the edges where you cut.

Step 5 - Paint the Base Color

You may wish to leave your wooden signs with the natural wooden color or else you may prefer to paint them in a particular shade, so as to make them more appealing and eye-catching. If you opt to paint them make sure to apply the paint evenly and to let it dry well before proceeding with the subsequent steps.

Step 6 - Stenciling

Use stencils so as to write the message or information you would like to deliver by means of your signs. Use colors that are dark and easy to read even at a distance. Try to be concise and do not overcrowd the area of the sign as it may not be as effective.

Step 7 - Leave To  Dry

Leave the paint to dry well before proceeding.

Step 8 - Apply Wood Sealer

If you are going to hang the wooden signs outdoors it is recommended that you apply wood sealer on both sides of the sign so as to make them more resistant to rain and other damaging conditions.

Step 9 - Drill Holes On the Back

Afterward drill holes on the back of the signs so that you will insert loops which will then be used to hang them. The bigger the sign the bigger and more resistant the loops should be, and also bear in mind to fix more than two so as to enable the sign to be secured well to where you will be hanging it.

Step 10 - Affix Smaller Loops

If the signs are relatively small it will be enough to affix smaller loops, sometimes even one in the middle will be enough. These will be similar to picture hanging hardware.

Step 11 - Hang Them

Finally you can go to the places where you shall be hanging the signs and fix nails to the walls. Insert the loops through the nails so as to hang the signs. Alternatively you can create wire hangers to use instead of loops.

Making wooden signs is relatively simple and anyone should try it out so as to save money and make them customizable.