How to Make Homemade Lathe Chisels

What You'll Need
Hardwood Dowel Rod
Sand Paper
Wood Lathe
Saw with Grinder Attachment
Galvanized Steel
Heat Resistant Epoxy

Lathe chisels are typically something that people go out and buy. There are several different types of these lathe chisels that you will have to choose from. However, if you are able to make one yourself then you will be able to make it however you need it and also save yourself quite a bit of money. You will find that these chisels are not very difficult to make as long as you know what you are expecting out of it and how you plan on using it once it is finished.

Step 1 – Prepare Handle

The handle of your lathe chisel is something that you will need to pay close attention to. Make sure that it has the right feel to it so that you will feel comfortable holding it while in use. A wood lathe will be necessary for you to get it cut into the right size and diameter that you will need it to be. Typically about ten inches is a good length to start out with. It is a good idea for you to know the feel that you will want it to be. Usually a good way to do this is to get a tool that you like the handle to. Try to mold your dowel rod to look and feel like this. Make sure that you sand the handle well so that you will not have to worry about splinters.

Step 2 – Prepare Steel

Get yourself a piece of galvanized steel and get a good idea of what type of lathe chisel that you want to use. There are several different kinds that are used for several different things. Make sure that you have the idea in your head of what type you need before you take it to your grinder. Make sure that you have your goggles as well as your gloves on before you begin to take the steel to the grinder. Start with the edges so that you can get them exactly how you want them and then work your way down and through until you have it exactly how you want it. Go slowly and stop often to get a good close look at the steel to make sure it is how you want it to be.

Step 3 – Connect

Once you have each piece how you want it to be it is time for you to connect them. The epoxy and clamps that you have should be of a high quality and heat resistant so that you will not have to worry about them needing to be replaced after only a couple of uses. You will need to be sure that you have the epoxy and the clamps stay on overnight so that a strong bond can be formed. Once you have done this you will be able to begin use on your new homemade lathe chisel.