How to Make Hummingbird Food Solution

A hummingbird food solution can be easily made and is less expensive than purchasing ready made nectar mix. About half of a hummingbird's diet is insects; they get nutrients from the bugs, therefore, the extra vitamins and minerals in the commercial nectar isn't required.

Making the Solution

 The hummingbird solution is 1 portion of sugar to 4 portions of water.

  • Step one is to boil the water. This will help the sugar dissolve and it slows down the production of mold and bacteria.
  • Next, add ¼ cup of white sugar per cup of water.
  • Let the nectar mix cool down in the refrigerator.
  • The solution will be fresh for about 2 weeks under refrigeration.

Filling the Feeder

 Put enough solution in the feeder for 2 to 3 days. Any more than that might go bad.

Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid putting food coloring in the hummingbird food solution. It isn't healthy for them to ingest food coloring. Honey ferments, so don't add it to the nectar mix. Do not use artificial sweetener. It isn't nutritional.

Cleaning the Feeder

Mix 1 portion of white vinegar to 4 portions of water, soak and clean with a bottle brush. If mold is present, wash the bird feeder with a dilution of bleach and water. Mix ¼ cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water and clean the hummingbird feeder. Rinse thoroughly.