How to Make Insulated Roman Shades

Making use of insulated Roman shades offers an interesting way to fight the weather at home during any time of a day. They come in easy to fit packages and are meant for windows so that you can prevent hot and cold winds from affecting the room temperature. They are also great as bedroom equipment as they allow daytime sleeping by blocking bright light. The use of wrong materials in an insulated roman shade may fail to keep extreme temperatures out of the window. Here is a simple guide to making insulated Roman Shades at home.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • Interlining cloth
  • Roman shade material
  • Sewing system
  • Wooden or metallic headrail
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Velcro strips
  • Nails

Step 1: Measure the Window Frame

Take a measuring tape and get the figures of the window frame on all its sides. In order to fit the insulated roman shades, take the measurements by adding 2 inches at the upper side for Velcro fastening. The lower level will require a similar addition of 2 inches. To each of the vertical sides, add an inch for hemming purpose.

Once you know the measurement of the header part of the window, buy a suitable headrail. You can invest in a headrail made from wood or metal. Your choice will not make much of a difference as long as the headrail is robust and can accept hammering of nails.

Step 2: Use a Diagram for Reading the Measurements

Draw a diagram of the above for your convenience. Also, mark the gaps between each folding line. Use the measurement of the vertical side of the window to calculate how many folds there will be.

Step 3: Cut Out the Front Fabric

Check the measurements on the diagram and cut out suitable dimensions of the front fabric. Cut out more than an inch as mentioned for the top part. Attach a Velcro tape on the upper edge of the Roman shade fabric

Step 4: Stitch and Make Interlining

Stitch a hem at the bottom of the Roman shade. Make an interlining stitch, preferably of muslin, and use it on the side of the roman shade that stays exposed on the opposite side. If you are using the Roman shade inside your room, make the muslin face of the shade towards the outdoors. Repeat the hemming allowing the interlining to come with the front fabric. The hemming will form the lining along which the Roman shades will fold up.

Step 5: Velcro the Roman Shade onto the Headrail

Attach Velcro strips with nails on the headrail and on the hemmed part of the Roman shade fabric. Get the Roman shade to Velcro onto a wooden board that has a length equal to the horizontal side of the window. Press hard against the Velcro, so that the insulated Roman shade stays well in place.

Step 6: Drill the Headrail to the Window Frame

If you have purchased a wooden headrail, working will be easy, as you will need to simply screw it into the window frame. With a metal headrail, attach hooks to support it on the wall.

Remember to maintain accuracy with measurements to prevent the insulated Roman shade from looking unprofessionally made.