How to Make Leather Headboards

What You'll Need
Drill bit
Staple gun with 1/2 " staples
Tape measure

Adding leather headboards can make a dramatic statement in your bedroom. While purchasing one already made can cost several hundred dollars, making one is actually a simple project almost any one can handle. With just a little imagination and skill you too can have the expensive look of leather for a fraction of the price. This tutorial is for a wall mounted headboard.

Here is what you will need:

From the Fabric Store

  • Leather
  • 2” foam
  • Polyester upholstery batting

From the Hardware Store

  • ½ “ plywood
  • Spray adhesive
  • Wood screws
  • 2 wall mount hooks

Step 1: Measure

Use your tape measure to measure the width of your bed and add 4 inches to that for your leather headboards width. Then decide how tall you want your headboard to be. Start from 2 inches above your bed and use a pencil to mark the height on the wall then measure the distance to the floor. If you want to sit up in bed and use the headboard as a back rest make sure it is tall enough.

2: Shop

Go to the fabric store or shop online for the leather to use for your leather headboard. You can use a suede fabric for this also. At the hardware store you can usually ask them and they will cut the plywood to the correct size for you.

3: Apply the Foam

Use a utility knife to cut the foam to the correct size. Place the plywood on the floor and apply the spray adhesive to the foam on the headboard. Once the foam is applied you will need to wait for an hour for it to dry.

4: Add the Leather and Batting

Lay the leather out on the floor with the front side down. Then lay the batting on top of it. Then if the foam is dry lay the plywood foam side down on top of the batting.

5: Attach the Leather

The next step is to attach the leather to your leather headboard. Use the staple and starting from the center of one side staple the leather to the back of the plywood. Use a gentle tugging motion to stretch it out straight. Make sure the staples go all the way into the wood. If they are not tight you can use the hammer to set them in tight.

6: Hang your Leather Headboard

Apply the wall mounting brackets to the back of your new headboard. Use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall. Your headboard is heavy and will pull off the wall if it is not fastened on the studs.

Measure the distance between the wall mounting brackets on your headboard and mark this on your wall. Place nails or screws in the wall at the correct location and hang the leather headboard in place.

Step back and admire the new expensive look to your room.