How to Make Metal Wall Art Picture Frames

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Metal wall art
Drill bits

Metal wall art is becoming more common and popular, as it is edgy, modern and handcrafted with great care. Metal wall art generally hangs on a wall by itself with no border or perimeter to depict the end of the piece. In other words, metal wall art has a tendency to appear as though it continues. This can create a great effect for a room. Another way to use metal wall art is as a frame for another piece of art, like a painting. The two styles will play off each other in a way that is special, as each piece will accentuate the other piece. Using metal wall art as a frame for other art pieces is not hard to do, and you can do it on your own. The following article will show you how it is done.

    Step 1 – Sizing

    You want your metal wall art frame to accent the art and not overpower it. Take down the measurements of the piece of art to be framed. Determine how much space you want between the art to the metal wall art frame. Large pieces look better with a tighter frame; the opposite is also true for smaller pieces. Once you've determined the spacing, lightly pencil a line around the art piece. This will be a guide for the metal art. Use these measurements to select suitable metal wall art pieces. Choose four pieces of metal wall art that are identical in size and are as close to the measurements you took. You need four pieces, as you need one piece for each side. If the art you are framing is not perfectly square, you will need to take that into consideration.

    Step 2 – Pilot Holes

    Hanging metal wall art is a different task than hanging traditional art pieces due to its weight and size. Since you drew a frame in pencil around the artwork, it makes it easier to hang the metal pieces. Use a drill to create holes through the metal wall art. Make at least two holes with one at the top and the other at the bottom. If the piece is very heavy, then make several more holes so that the piece is properly supported. Hold the piece to the wall so that it is centered over the pencil line, and use the holes you made as a guide along that line. Put the piece down and create pilot holes in the wall. Erase any pencil marks you made so that it is clean.

    Step 3 - Install the Metal Wall Art

    Due to the weight of the metal, tap anchors into the pilot holes with a hammer. Place one of the metal wall art pieces on the wall and line up the holes. Insert a screw and tighten it. Repeat with each hole you made and each metal piece. The screws grip the anchor, which, in turn, grip the wall to secure the metal wall art in place.