How to Make Mirror Closet Doors Look High-End

Mirrored closet doors.
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Mirror closet doors were popular in the '70s and '80s. Many homes still have this vintage feature in their bedrooms or office spaces. Their functionality makes them hard to let go of, but many homeowners don't like the dated look. Here are some easy ways to take your closet from dated to high-end features.

1. Add Peel and Stick Stencils or Wallpaper

Mirrored closet doors in a bedroom.

Stick-on decals and wallpaper are a relatively easy and quick solution to add flair to a drab mirror door. Vintage and geometric wallpaper patterns are a great way to make a statement and usually aren't messy. Some online companies will make custom designs for a border or linear pattern to stick on top of the mirror's surface that looks similar to wood trim. Or, try simple decals that add a little personality like fluttering butterflies, silhouetted trees, or an inspiring text. Shop at home décor outlets or online to find inspiration — just make sure they will stick to mirrored surfaces before you make a purchase.

2. Install Wood Trim

Mirrored closet doors with wood around them.

Trim and molding can give a mirror door the same look as mullions or panels in a window frame. It’s best used if the door itself is wood or made of medium-density fibreboard and will only work on hinged doors (not on sliding or bi-fold closet doors) since the trim will add depth and width. Unlike the stick-on vinyl strips that mimic molding, you’ll need a little woodworking knowledge to get the cuts and angles right as well as the proper adhesive for attaching to mirrors like Liquid Nails. While it's a bit more work than the "peel and stick" option, it’s a DIY job that can give mirrored doors a stately upgrade.

3. Add Privacy Films

There are so many new looks to choose from when it comes to films and screens for mirrors that the hard part is choosing what style to go with. A decorative film or screen can cover up the dated mirror surface and give it new life. Privacy films are great options for sliding or bi-fold doors because they are so thin. Choose a sheer design to allow some of the reflective surface to shine through or go for a matte look to completely dampen the effect of the mirror. Frosted geometric glass patterns are popular as well – consider three or five separate panels to mimic the “shaker” look in a contemporary way. Basic film and screen kits can be found in hardware stores or you can search for unique patterns online.

4. Apply Curtain Treatment

White and peach curtains.

Curtains are an easy way to hide a mirror if you would rather not have your reflection always bouncing back at you. Instead of removing the doors or doing any dirty demo work, a combination of a short-width curtain and rod over hinged doors may add softness and dimension that wasn’t there before. The nice thing is that if you do want to get a look at that outfit, the curtains can easily be moved aside. Another option is to remove sliding or bi-fold doors completely and cover the open space with curtains just like you would with any windows in your home. Choose sheer fabric to allow a little light to bounce through or a heavier fabric for a dramatic feel.

5. Remove the Doors

After considering all of your design options you may want to take the doors off and open the space up for new potential. This bold move can create the feel and function of added space, also forcing you to clean out your closet. Adding open shelves and storage could be a nicer way to display clothes, shoes, and jewelry with a minimalist approach. If storage isn’t necessary, consider turning that closet into a cozy reading nook with a built-in bench and pillows; or simply use the new space as a charming desk area.

You don’t have to live with lackluster closet mirror doors any longer with these DIY makeover options. It’s as simple as choosing an inspiration photo, taking a few measurements, and finding a product that works with your home décor. From simple stencils to flowing fabric, impress your family and friends by making your closet mirror doors look high-end.