How to Make Modern Paper Goods for Your New Year's Party

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What You'll Need
A balloon
Old newspaper
Tissue paper
Construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Paper tubes
Paper plates
A stapler
Dried beans

Decorating for a New Year's Eve party can be simple, easy and fun, by creating your own modern, festive paper items. Plan to spend the most energy and creativity on decorating the front door, room archways, and the tables you're using for your festive occasion. Choose one or all of the ideas below, for making your own decorations.

Step 1 – Creating a Pinata

Make a New Year's Eve pinata, and fill it with all sorts of sweet treats. Use a balloon to create the shape. Cover the balloon with newspaper, and a flour and water solution. Allow the paper to dry and then pop the balloon. Remove the balloon from inside, and paint the form to match your décor. Fill the pinata with candy, through the space where you removed the balloon. Cover the hole with paper, and hang your pinata in a open space in your room.

Step 2 – Crafting Paper Flowers

Decorate your home with bright and beautiful paper flowers. Choose brightly colored tissue paper. Cut the paper in the shape of flowers. Combine many layers of the paper together, with pipe cleaners, to create large flowers to adorn your doorway and archways.

Step 3 – Creating Paper Bells

Use brightly colored construction paper to create large paper bells. Cut the bell shapes from the paper, and display them as flat bells, or combine 2 shapes to create 3 dimensional bells. Create bells in a variety of sizes and colors. Cover bowl shaped containers with tinfoil. Adorn the bells with paper ribbons and bows. Hang the bells in group arrangements.

Step 4 - Party Hats

Use black and silver paper to create party hats for the celebration. Create a circle rim from black paper, to make the brim of your hat. Cut a rectangle shape to create the top of the hat. Roll the rectangle shape into a cylinder, and attach it to the brim with tape. If you wish, you can add a top to the cylinder, and attach it as well. Create a brightly colored band for your hat. Add the words, "Happy New Year," in marker, sequins or sparkles.

Step 5 - Party Poppers

Recycled paper tubes can be used to create party poppers. Fill the tube with ribbon, sequins and confetti. Roll the tube in bright wrapping paper. Tie off the ends with ribbon and snip into the edges of the paper to create a festive design.

Step 6 - Noise Makers

Use paper plates to create New Year's Eve noise makers. Decorate 2 plates with markers and glitter. Lay 1 of the plates on a table with the decorated side down. Place dried beans on the plate. Place the other paper plate on top, and staple the 2 of them together. Shake the noise maker to be sure that nothing comes out of it.