How to Make Money Off Your Homestead

A basket of organic eggs for sale.

Homesteading is on the rise as more people strive to live a self-sufficient life. But can you make a living off your homestead? Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways you can earn a little extra cash off the farm. From selling food products to teaching others about homesteading, here are ways you can make money off your homestead.

Selling Food

There are many ways you can profit off the food you grow or make. Farmers markets are a great source for selling produce and you can often sell fresh chicken eggs by the roadside or in local grocery stores. The only downside to selling food items is working with food safety laws. Just remember to check your local laws and regulations before selling items, especially milk and meat. Other food items you can sell include cheese, freshly picked berries, honey, preservatives, and mushrooms.

Breeding Animals

baby goats.

Another great way to earn extra money on the homestead is through animal husbandry. With homesteading growing in popularity, more people need high quality chickens, dairy animals, and other livestock for their self-sufficient needs. You can make money providing a stud service for rams, bulls, and bucks; selling chicks; breeding dairy cows and goats (and even making wool from fiber animals). The key to successful husbandry is doing your research on the bloodline and only selecting the best animals to breed.

Selling Compost

Homesteaders recycle a lot of things around the house, including food and animal waste, which is often turned into compost for the garden. Given how compost is easy to make and is extra nutritious for the garden, you can also sell it to other homesteaders and gardeners. A roadside sign can attract potential buyers, as well as a few online classified ads. If your compost is a rich mixture of nutrients and well-balanced, then people will venture a long way to purchase it. (Just remember to keep enough for your own use.)

Selling Seedlings


In addition to selling your fresh produce at a local market, you can also make money selling high quality seeds. Farmers love to use heirloom seeds and there is a growing market for them as homesteading continues to rise in popularity. The trick is selecting the right heirloom seeds every year and properly drying them out for next year’s crop. But once you have a good batch, you won’t have any trouble selling them in the spring. Better yet, the seeds will only get better with each growing season.


Sharing your homesteading is a great way to give back to the community and earn some money at the same time. You can spread your homesteading knowledge in a number of different ways. Writing a blog or creating a website is a good start. You can also teach classes, especially if you have mastered a particular skill, such as beekeeping. Lastly, you can publish a book about your homesteading tips and tricks. If you can’t find a publisher, there’s always the self-publishing option through a number of different online sites.

Sharing Your Experience With Others

People are obsessed with homesteading and farming, so what better way to make a little extra cash than sharing that experience with others? You can start a u-pick farm where people come and harvest their produce or plants for a small fee. Establishing a bed and breakfast will also give individuals a first-hand look at life on the farm. If your homestead is located in a beautiful area, consider renting it out for events such as weddings, photo shoots, and parties.

Homemade Services and Products

Homesteaders have a lot of skills they can turn into extra cash. After all, becoming self-sufficient and living off the land isn’t an easy process. Depending on your skill set, you can sell homemade soaps and candles, create hand-stitched apparel like scarves and blankets, or use your woodworking skills to make rustic furniture. You can also rent parts of your land for pasture or sell firewood from fallen trees.