How to Make Mosaic Tiles

What You'll Need
Various types and colors of Tesserae pieces
Brown Paper
Old rag

Mosaic tiles can make your home look beautiful. Contrary to popular belief, do it yourself mosaic tiles are as good as tiles made by a professional artist. The only difference is in the detail of the picture used. So create some amazing designs for your home with mosaic tiles. Remember you can use any design you want. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with a simple design, rather than going immediately for a complicated one.

Step 1: Choosing the Design

The first thing to do is to decide which picture or design you will use. Remember you can use any design, the sky’s the limit, so be creative. Once you have chosen the design, the next thing to do is to trace it on the base you will use, in this case tiles. Alternatively to tracing the design, you can also create a free hand drawing of it. It is much better, prior to tracing the design, to photocopy it in the size of the tile, in this way it is much easier to trace it, especially if you are a beginner.

Step 2: Choosing the Tesserae

The next step is to choose the tesserae for the mosaic design. When choosing your tesserae make sure that you choose them accordingly, that is, that will look good on tiles; if not the full potential of the design will not come out on the tiles. Also an important aspect to remember is that the tesserae chosen are good enough to walk on them, if you are using the tiles for the floor. There are a variety of different colors, which can be bought already in pieces, choose them according to your desires and in line with your design.

Step 3: The Direct or Indirect Method of Mosaic

(Direct Method)

The first method is called the Direct Method. The latter design means that the tesserae are fixed directly onto the base, in this case tiles. This is the easiest method to adopt when working mosaic. Now you can do either of the following: put an amount of adhesive on the entire base and then affix the tesserae pieces or put some adhesive on every piece before you fix it to the tile. This method is not very suitable for indoor floors because the design acquires a 3D definition, which although aesthetically pleasing, is not very suitable to walk on. 

(Indirect Method)

In this method the design is created upside down, that is, the tesserae pieces are affixed on brown paper (or any other paper), which is then set in grout. They are afterwards flipped over the paper, and then the paper can be washed away. This method can only be used when the tesserae pieces look both the same, from the front and the back. In this method you have to be very precise because you won’t be previewing the frontal view of the mosaic pieces being put together. This method is normally used for large project but obviously you can make use of it as you please. The most important thing is that as a result of the indirect method, the mosaic tiles created are very smooth, thus suitable for walking on.

Step 4: Final Step

The last thing to do is to apply grout to your mosaic tiles and leave it to dry, in this way you will create an even smoother finish. Apply the grout evenly and wipe off all excess with a soft damp rag.

As you can see it isn’t a very tough job to create mosaic tiles and in addition it is fun to do, especially in the company of family or friends. As you gain confidence you will certainly create even more detailed designs for your home.