How to Make Pegboard Bins with Recycled Materials

What You'll Need
Empty plastic container
Plastic pegs
Measuring tape
Pencil or marker

Pegboard bins are ideal for holding tiny knickknacks. In a garage pegboard, they can be used to hold objects such as screws, nuts, bolts and washers. In the home or office they can be used to hold clips, pins, pencils, pens, pegs and keys. All of these small but essential objects have one thing in common: they get lost very easily. Pegboard bins are a convenient way of ensuring that this does not happen. 

Pegboard bins are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can get open ones and ones with a lid. What if you could use the existing material in your home to make yourself a pegboard bin? These pegboard bins made from recycled materials are not only cheap and easy to make, but also ensure that you do your bit towards recycling waste. Here are some ideas for making pegboard bins with recycled materials. 

Step 1 – Pick a Bin

Go through the empty plastic containers lying around in your house and see if there are any that can be used to make pegboard bins. Be creative. You can use anything that catches your eye such as old pencil boxes, paper clip boxes, jewelry boxes, powder puff boxes, and so on. The list is endless. If the container is in a shabby condition, you can apply a coat of paint on it to spruce things up after you have finished attaching the pegs. 

Step 2 – How Many Pegs

Clean the plastic container thoroughly to remove any dirt or grease that may have accumulated on it. Next decide the number of pegs that you want to fit on your container. Ideally you should fit a minimum of two and a maximum of four pegs on the container. Keep the weight of the container and what you want it to hold in mind when deciding on the number of pegs and how far apart to place them.  

Step 3 – Attach the Pegs

Once you have decided on the number of pegs, use the peg holes in the pegboard to determine where to stick them on the container. Measure and mark this on the body of the container. Use superglue or some other strong adhesive to attach the pegs on the container. Allow the adhesive to set. 

Step 4 – Paint It

After the glue has set, paint the entire container in your favorite color. Not only does this make the old container look new, but it also further strengthens the joint between the pegs and the container. Be careful not to apply too thick a coat of paint on the pegs themselves otherwise they may not fit into the holes in the pegboard. You can also use cans of spray paint. Allow the paint to dry.