How to Make Pet Carriers Suitable for a Bicycle

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Bicycle rear cargo rack
1 36 inch bungee cords
4 Bolts
4 Washers
4 Nuts
2 plastic flower baskets
4 Strips of heavy duty hook and loop material, 2 x 12
1 Carpet remnant, 24 square

Your pet loves to go with you wherever you go and here is where pet carriers come into the picture. Pet carriers are a good way to ensure comfort and safety when transporting your beloved four legged friends. They can run fairly expensive when looking for one that attaches to a bicycle. With a little determination, and a few materials from the store, you can make your own bicycle pet carrier for a fraction of the cost of buying one. Below, you will find some simple guidelines to build your own carrier, just in time for that next bike ride. Since this design is simple it will work for any small pet.

Step 1 - Preparation

Drill several, evenly spaced holes in both baskets. Make sure to put some holes in the bottom of the basket that will be the lid. This way, air can circulate and you're little friend will be comfortable. Now, attach the cargo rack to your bicycle. This will be the base of the carrier. Follow the instructions on how to install the rack. Make sure it is secure before proceeding. Next, remove the handles from the flower baskets. Place the first basket on the cargo rack and wrap one bungee cord around both the cargo rack and flower basket making sure that it remains centered on the cargo rack.

Step 2 - Construct the Carrier

Use the drill to make four holes, evenly spaced, in the bottom of the basket. Make sure that the drill penetrates the basket and the cargo rack. Put a bolt and washer in each hole, going from the top to the bottom. Secure the bolt with a nut on the outside, underneath. Ensure that each bolt is tight and that the basket is completely secure. Now you can remove the bungee. Measure the carpet remnant and cut it to fit into the bottom of the basket.

Next, put the second basket, with the handles removed, upside down on top of the first basket. If they do not match well, you may need to use a hacksaw or a small utility knife to trim them so they will fit together better. Use two of the hook and loop material pieces and secure them to the top and bottom baskets where the edges join together to create a hinge. Tighten them securely. Use the other two pieces of hook and loop material on the other side to create a strap that can be hooked or unhooked to meet your needs.

Step 3 - Finish Up

Finally you can adorn the carrier with decorative bows or other touches that display the personalities of you and your pet. Be creative and display your affection for your pet to the world.

Extra Tip

If your pet won't try to jump out of the basket, you can eliminate the need for a lid and not use the second basket.