How to Make Resin Patio Chairs Yourself

Constructing your own resin patio chair is something that can be done with a little bit of extra time and some patience. There are several steps involved in this process that require some timely effort and a great amount of attention to detail. While resin is a very toxic material, it is easily molded into props, furniture, and anything else you can make a mold of.

Precautions Are Necessary

Working with resin will require attention to certain precautions. Safety is important when working with any type of resin as it is toxic and can cause serious harm to people. Always work in a well ventilated area and have the basic safety equipment. Masks, gloves, aprons are all necessary when working with resin.

Working with Resin

One of the misconceptions of creating your own resin patio chair is that it is very difficult and only for skilled workers. However, you can easily work with resin as the molding and casting process is fairly straightforward and simple. There are different ways to build your resin patio chair, but the easiest is a two part process of molding and casting.

Build a Mold

The first step to building anything with resin is to design a mold of what you are looking to make. For a patio chair, this can require multiple parts or a single entity of plywood. Take into consideration the size of your chair before you make it. Most chairs are 18 to 20 inches to the seat and another 16 to 18 inches in the back. Add a little slope to the back if you want to lounge.

Spray with Mold Release Agent

Once the mold is completed, you should spray it down with a mold release agent. This is important to keep the materials of the mold from being peeled off when you remove the resin. Using a polyvinyl alcohol as your mold release agent will help make the resin creation much easier to take off the mold.

Lay Fiberglass Resin over Mold

After the mold is painted with the polyvinyl alcohol, you can begin to put on strips of fiberglass resin to create your resin patio chair. Working with fiberglass resin is a tedious and time consuming process. You will lay a strip of resin on the mold, covering the entire mold as a base. After this, paint on a layer of laminating resin followed by another layer of fiberglass strips.
Lay the succeeding layers of fiberglass strips in a woven fashion to give your new resin patio chair strength and durability. Follow this procedure until you get to the desired thickness. Let the resin dry for a few hours to let it set and become a little stiff. Pull it free from the mold and set aside to finish curing and hardening.

Sand and Paint

After curing for a few days to make sure it is completely dry, you can use a smooth grit sandpaper to sand the entire chair smooth. After it is smooth and blended, cover your new resin patio chair with fiberglass paint. You should paint at least two to three coats for a finished look.