How to Make Rolling Garment Racks Collapsible

What You'll Need
4 uniform vertical PVC pipes
2 uniform long horizontal PVC pipes
1 short horizontal PVC pipe
2 slip-slide tee fittings
6 elbows
4 furniture caster wheels
Screwdriver and screws

Rolling garment racks are especially convenient for drying clothes. Make the rack collapsible and you have a versatile house fixture that you can set up in seconds and use for clean up anywhere in your house. Collapsible garment racks work well for your laundry rooms as drying racks. Garment racks used to dry clothes drive your electric bill down and they are environmentally friendly at the same time. All you need are a few PVC pipes to assemble one.

Step 1 – Secure the Pipes

You will be making an inverted V rack that can fold into itself. On the base of that rack, you will be attaching wheels. Think about how high your rack should be and get 4 PVC pipes with the height measurement. Now, think about the length of the rack. Have only 2 PVC pipes cut out to fit that width. For the rack to fold into itself, the other frame must have a smaller length than that the first rack. To come up with the difference, know the diameter of the PVC pipe that you are using. Multiply this diameter by 2 and add another inch for extra allowance, i.e. 1 inch x 2 inches + 1 inch = 3 inches. Subtract the answer to the first length to come up with the second length. Have only 1 PVC pipe cut out with that measurement.

Step 2 – Assembling the Frame

Insert slip-slide tee fittings on the ends of the long horizontal PVC pole and attach elbows on the 2 ends. To the elbows and the slip-slide tee fittings, insert the 4 vertical PVC poles and attach elbows to the ends. Attach the long horizontal PVC pole to the outer vertical poles and the short horizontal pole to the inner vertical poles. You now have a 2-framed garment rack with the larger frame immovable while you can push the smaller frame into it.

Step 3 – Attaching the Wheels

Drill holes into the 4 elbows in each of the 2 frames. With the use of a screwdriver, screw a furniture caster wheel in each hole. You should have 4 wheels--2 wheels for each frame. Now give yourself a pat at the back and enjoy your collapsible garment rack with wheels.

Step 4 – Add More Racks

If you need more racks, you can always add more pipes. With the use of a t-fitting, you can divide the vertical poles of your frame into 2 or 3 according to how many additional rack rods you want. And then just insert the horizontal poles or your additional racks between the vertical poles snuggly.