How to Make Rustic Sconces

What You'll Need
2 Sconces
Rice Paper
Hardened Clay
Eye protection
Gorilla Glue
Wire Nuts
Small Twigs from a Tree
Hardware Cloth
Wire Snips
Rubber Mallet
Tape Measure

Rustic sconces have been used since medieval times to hold torches and candles. In modern interior design, they provide a stylish and versatile lighting system for the living room, hallways and master bedrooms. The core marks of rustic designs are the rough textures, use of wrought metals, wood and clay, and the deep earthy colors. Rustic sconces are usually wall-mounted light fixtures used to provide dim light. They save a lot of space that would have otherwise been used by table and desk lamps. With some simple materials, it is easy to make your own decorative wall sconces.

    Step 1: Choose the Material

    Rustic sconces can be made from wood, wrought metal or hardened clay or even with paper. The below example will discuss using rice paper and hardened clay.

    Step 2: Preparation

    Go to your local hardware store and buy a couple of inexpensive sconces. You may want to buy the sconces used at a refurbished hardware store in your area. You will only need the back of the sconce, so discard the front glass or cover. You will also need a small piece of hardware cloth about 2 feet by 2 feet.

    Step 3: Rice Paper Sconces

    Remove the glass or plastic cover from your sconces. Place the back plate portion (including the electrical socket) to the side. Wear gloves and use tin snips to cut out 2 sconce covers from the hardware cloth.

    Cut a decorative rice paper to fit the hardware cloth. Glue it in place.  Glue on some moss and small twigs that you have collected from outside.

    Attach the old sconce's wall plate to the wall. Make sure the power is off and hook up the wires. Now place your new cover over the plate, and attach through the hardware cloth with the two screws.

      Step 4: Hardened Clay Sconces

      Remove the glass or plastic cover from your sconces. Place the back plate portion (including the electrical socket) to the side.

      Mix some clay to make your sconce cover. Prepare some plastic molds for your clay, forming the clay around them. Shape the material into the design you want for your sconce cover.

      After the clay has semi-hardened, place the clay over the hardware cloth, just like you did with the rice paper above. Punch 2 holes through the side for your plate screws to go through. Let dry for several hours. Then attach wall plate and cover, including all wires.

        Safety Tips

        The most risky part comes when connecting electricity for the low wattage bulbs. If you are not comfortable with working with electricity, it will be better to call in a professional to do it for you.

        Rustic sconces either made from wood, wrought metal or even hardened clay are charming and fascinating. They can be installed so that they uplift the ambiance of any room, giving it a romantic stylish look. Try to install several rustic sconces in the living room for starters and you will be proud of the effect you’ll create.