How to Make Sheer Window Treatments

What You'll Need
Sheer fabric
Sewing Machine
Straight pins
Curtain Rod

Making sheer window treatments can be simple and fun to do. Follow the simple steps below for an easy afternoon project.

Step 1 - Measure and Choose the Fabric

The first thing that you have to do when making window treatments is measure the window that you are working on. Mark down the measurements to bring with you to the store.

Next, choose the fabric that you are going to use. If you are going to make sheer window treatments, pick a color or pattern. When you decide on the perfect sheer fabric, you will need to either cut it yourself or have the store cut you about 2 feet in length and double the width of the window.

Step 2 - Iron and Hem

Once you get the fabric home, iron it out. Typically there will be creases from being folded or rolled up at the store. Use an iron at the appropriate setting to smooth out the fabric so you can work with it. Then, use either a needle and thread or a sewing machine to hem 3 sides of the fabric. Be sure to leave the side that will be attached to the rod un hemmed. To hem the 3 other sides, fold back the fabric, making it even on all sides and then sew along that folded line.

Step 3 - Make a Rod Packet

Now that you have finished hemming the 3 sides, you can move on to the top where the rod will go. For this you will want to consider the size of your rod and make sure that when you fold the fabric back, the rod can fit through the hole. Carefully fold the fabric on the top back to make a rod pocket. Then, sew a line to secure the fabric in place. Test out the rod in the rod pocket to be sure that it fits with ease.

Step 4 - Install Window Treatments

Once you have finished the window treatments, you can slip them onto the rod and secure the rod in place. These instructions guide you in making a sheer valance. If you are interested in making fabric shades, you will want to still choose your sheer fabric and then cut 2 pieces of that fabric. Each of the pieces will need to be several inches longer than the actual window, so hem the curtains the same as you hemmed above in Step 2 after ironing.

Once the hemming is finished, you can move on to making the rod pockets in the same manner that you did in step 3, but for both of the curtains. Then just slide them through the rod and secure.