How to Make Sheetrock Arches

What You'll Need
Spray Bottle
Sharp Razor Knife
Sheetrock Mud
Sheetrock Tape

Making sheetrock arches can be accomplished using water. This process is useful if you have a job that requires you to bend or shape the sheetrock in order to place it in an archway or area with a curve.

In order to make sheetrock arches, here are the steps necessary to accomplish the task. It is not an easy job so it may require some practice in order to get the process of bending and shaping the sheetrock down. Practice will make the process of bending sheetrock easier for you to accomplish. Patience will also be necessary since it is not an easy task. There are not many tools required for this job other than your physical labor and the sheetrock and water.

Step 1: Purchase Sheetrock

Go to your home improvement center to purchase the sheetrock needed to create the archway. The sheetrock will be rigid and not flexible. To create the bend in order to attach it to the arch, you will need to get it wet.

You may also consider purchasing a more flexible gypsum sheetrock that can be bent more easily. You will still need to get it wet but it should give you more play when forming it to the requirements of the archway.

Step 2: Wet the Sheetrock

Put warm water into a spray bottle. Apply the water to the sheetrock, bending it to shape as it gets wet. Work carefully and slowly while bending the sheetrock in order to prevent snapping it and making the piece unusable. You may find yourself bending the sheetrock several times before you get the process of forming it correct.

Step 3: Let Sheetrock Dry

The sheetrock should be held in position as the water dries. This should result in the sheetrock forming in the shape that you need to attach it to the arch. If you can tie the ends in a way to keep the sheet rock in the fold position without breaking, this may be a better solution for you so that you are not holding the sheetrock all day while it forms the arch.

Step 4: Attach the Sheetrock

Cut the sheetrock with a razor knife that is sharp to the size that you need for the archway. You may also consider cutting the sheetrock first before bending it if it is of size that is not manageable to work with. This is entirely up to you.

With the piece shaped in the form that you need for the archway, attach it using drywall screws. Apply tape to the outer edge and mud to secure the sheetrock in the archway. Sand the excess mud to make the edge of your archway smooth. Repeat these steps for each archway opening that needs to be covered with sheetrock. You will find over time and with extreme patience that bending and forming the sheetrock will become easier and easier to perform.