How to Make Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Curtain rod
Fabric, curtains or blinds
Curtain hooks (optional)

There are many options for sliding glass door window treatments. By using your imagination, you could have the most beautiful window treatment that expresses your style without sacrificing style for function or function for style.

Drapes, curtains, sliding panels and vertical blinds are the most common types of window decoration for sliding glass doors. Whether you choose to make them yourself or buy them, there are so many ways that you can add your own special touch to the décor.

The tools and supplies that you will use will depend upon the type of window treatment that you choose and whether you will be making them or buying them.

Step 1: Measure

Using the measuring tape, take the measurements of the sliding glass doors from the outside frame to the outside of the opposite frame and from above the top frame to the bottom of the sliding glass doors.

Step 2: What Style of Window Treatment

Fabric Curtains

With curtains, you have the option of making them yourself or buying. Calculate the size of curtains that you will need. For the width, triple the measurement to compensate for the gathering effect. If you are making the curtains yourself, be sure to take into account any extra fabric that will be needed for the borders, hems or tabs when calculating the measurements. If you would like to add a valance to enhance the style of the curtains, you will need to purchase enough additional fabric to make the valance.

Curtains can be made from just about any type of fabric. Do you want total privacy or do you prefer to let as much light into the room as possible? When you make your own curtains, you have the ability to put together any combination of color or pattern that you want.

There are a variety of styles of curtains that you can buy or make. There are tab tops, gathered tops, and curtains that use hooks. Add a valance, topper, swag or scarves and you have a completely different look and feel.

Sliding Panels or Vertical Blinds

Sliding panels are wide panels of fabric, typically 20 inches wide that slide across a window. They usually consist of four panels and can open to one side or to both sides of the window. You can have sliding panels that offer total privacy or sliding panels that let some sunlight through when closed.

Vertical blinds are vertical strips of plastic covered with fabric. They offer lots of privacy when closed and let lots of sunlight in when open.

Both of these types of window treatments come in many colors and many sizes to match just about any window and style.

Step 3: Installing Your Window Treatment

The first thing that you need to do is to put up the curtain rod or the track for the sliding panels or vertical blinds. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for doing this. Once the track or rod has been installed, you will put up the window treatment or combination of window treatments. Sit back and enjoy the new effect you have added to your room.