How to Make Soup in a Blender

What You'll Need
Chopping board
Sharp knife
Medium sized pot
Fresh vegetables roughly 1 cup for every four servings
1 clove of garlic
1 cup of vegetable stock for every four servings
1/3 cup milk or yogurt for every four servings

Delicious soups can be made quickly and easily in a blender. This is a great way to increase your family's vegetable consumption and create simple and healthy meals. Making the soup using a blender allows you get maximum nutrition and completely avoid unhealthy preservatives, salts, and other unecessary additives. Soups are especially comforting in winter weather, and they are easily frozen so that you can pull out fresh, homemade soup from the freezer whenever you want it. 

You want to start off with a good, strong blender. Your blender should be tall with two or four blades that can almost touch the inside of the container. If you are not sure that your blender is up to the task, simply chop up and dice the ingredients first to make sure that your soup has nice, thick consistency. The one challenge to making soup in a blender may be that the capacity is on the small side. If you are blending cooked vegetables, you should not fill the blender all the way up, so that you do not risk blowing the top off the blender.

As an alternative to a standard blender, you might also try an immersion blender, which can be used to blend vegetables cooking on the stove. Most immersion blenders are handheld devices and are easy to clean and store. Immersion blenders also come in a stick form, which are more difficult to use without having blended soup all over your kitchen. 

During the Spring and Summer months, a fresh, savory cold soup can make the perfect meal. When making a cold soup, you want to start out with freshly washed, raw vegetables, some garlic, salt and pepper to taste. You may want to cut up the vegetables, depending upon the quality of your blender. Either way, simply blend all of the ingredients together and serve or chill for later.

For the purpose of this article, a hot soup recipe is used as an example, jowever, you can simply follow the recipe substituting vegetables of your choice for the tomatoes. Options might include broccoli florets, cauliflower, squash, asparagus, carrots, turnips, green peas, whatever you choose. You may also want to add salt and pepper to taste. 

Step 1- Assemble Your Ingredients

For this recipe you will need 12 cherry tomatoes (roughly 1 cup of cooked vegetables), 1 clove of garlic, 1 cup of vegetable stock and 1/3 cup of milk or yogurt. 

Step 2- Begin Cooking

Wash the vegetables and then cook them with the stock and garlic on the stove until the tomatoes are lightly steamed. 

Step 3 - Use Your Blender

Place all of the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. 

Step 4 - Serve

Using a large ladle, fill four bowls with soup. Serve with fresh bread, rolls, crackers, and enjoy. This entire process will take less than fifteen minutes!