How to Make Stools Out of Motorcycle Seats

What You'll Need
Motorcycle seats
Motorcycle seat backrests
Bar stool bases, single center post style
3-inch bolts and nuts
Box socket wrench set
Optional gas lift cylinders and levers
Casters for rollable bar stools
Welding equipment

To add a freewheeling atmosphere to your home bar or kitchen dining area, make the bar stools with motorcycle seats as their tops. Read on below to find out how to make these unique barstools with inexpensive materials.

Step 1: Decide How Many Bar Stools You Want to Make

For kitchen counter seating, 4 or 5 bar stools are usually enough. For a basement or entertainment room bar, you may want to make up to 8 bar stools.

Step 2: Obtain Materials

Go online to your favorite motorcycle manufacturer, or visit your local dealer, to obtain the motorcycle seats. Frequently, motorcycle models are discontinued or highly modified, and the manufacturer or dealer has several identical seats that will no longer fit on new motorcycles. You may be able to get these at a discount. Purchase these first, to ensure the correct fit of the seat on the center post of the stool design you like. Check out office interiors companies for the bar stool bases, casters and gas lift cylinders and levers. You can often buy these in multiples at a substantial discount. These will enable you to make bar stools that roll, and that can be raised and lowered like many types of office chairs. Get the bases assembled at the office interiors location so you can test the correct function of all the lift cylinders and casters in the bases.

Step 3: Non-Gas Lift Adjustable Bar Stools

If you don't want to use gas lift bases for your bar stools, go to a used office furniture store and obtain traditional rotating bases. They use a thick inclined screw in the bottom to raise and lower the bar stool seat. These are safer to use if young children will be sitting on the motorcycle bar stools. They raise and lower very slowly, by deliberate turning the whole center post in just 1 direction.

Step 3: Assemble 1 Bar Stool

Take 1 motorcycle seat and fasten it to the center post of the bar stool base. Bolt it into place, making sure it is secure atop the post by tightening the nut on the far side of the center post. Attach the seat backrest to the underside of the seat with the correct bolts and nuts. If the seat backrest does not seem secure enough, solder or weld it to the inside center post where the gas lift moves up and down. If you are not using a gas lift function for your bar stools, you can weld the motorcycle seat backrest directly to the center post.

Step 4: Test the Bar Stool for Correct Function

Sit on the bar stool and rotate the seat around on the base. Test the gas lift lever or screw-operated lift to see that it raises and lowers the center post of the bar stool correctly. Examine the casters for correct fit and that they turn and roll smoothly. Assemble the rest of the stools.