How to Make Storage Space for Small Boat Trailers

What You'll Need
90 degree angle braces
Plastic or vinyl corner caps
Marine plywood
Circular saw
Vinyl folding door, canvas or hinges
Battery powered LED boat interior light
Stain, paint, or any other wall covering
Door Knob or latch
Measuring tape

The article discusses a series of steps which can be followed to build a storage room for small boat trailers. After all, every person in this world realizes the importance of storing goods in a specific place one or the other day. Keeping things in an appropriate location adds beauty to the place and is convenient to access them when required. Similarly a boater can create a neat storage place for boat trailers in the spare deck space. This storage area can be built in a few hours of time. 

Step 1 - Identifying the Suitable Location

First, choose a corner in your spare work area on the boat trailer. Use the measuring tape to measure the length and breadth of the storage area on the deck i.e., measure the walls horizontally. Now measure the height from the deck to the top to determine the height of the walls. 

Step 2 - Decision Making

Now, you have to decide, which of the two walls will have the opening door. The door can be made of wood or fabric or even a simple canvas curtain, based on your requirement. Set up a battery-powered boat interior LED light at the center of the room, which will be fully furnished later.

Step 3 - Cutting the Plywood

Once the room is ready for construction, cut the plywood piece as per the measurements made previously. Make use of the circular saw to cut the plywood. Carefully cut the opening for the doorway from the piece of plywood, which forms the wall where the doorway to be placed. You can also cut the plywood as a single piece to use it as a door. 

Step 4 - Finishing the Plywood

Once the plywood is cut as desired, give it a smooth finish using sand paper. You can also paint the surface of the plywood to give the doorway a clean finished look. Let it dry completely for a few hours.

Step 5 - Fixing the Boards

Move the board to form walls of a storage area and fix the plywood to the deck overhead and walls in a 90 degree angle. Make use of the 90 degree angle braces to fix the new walls to each other. Screw them together, using the screwdriver. Make use of wooden or plastic corner caps to cut off the appropriate height in the joints between the walls.

Step 6 - Fixing The Door

Finally, fix the door to cover the doorway. It is better to fix a latch or knob if you are setting up a hinged door onto the doorway, so that the door does not swing open periodically. 

Tips and Warnings

  • Store the flammables and paint in a metal enclosure, and not in the passenger space.
  • Take extreme care while pursuing this project, since it involves working with paint and sharp tools.