How to Make Stylish Outdoor Patio Curtains

What You'll Need
A step ladder
Drill and screws (for curtain rods)
Curtain rods (for heavier curtains and longer widths, PVC pipe can be used)
90 degree PVC connectors (number will vary by the number of corners in your project)
Screw eye hooks large enough to hold PVC (number needed will vary by length of patio and weight of material)
Fishing weights (optional)
A measuring tape
Sewing Machine

People are spending more and more time outdoors on their patio during the summer months, and when you spend that much time in an area it makes sense to want to dress it up a bit. One easy way you can dress up your patio is by adding outdoor, patio curtains. Not only will the curtains look good, but they can be used to keep mosquitoes and bugs away.

Buying the curtains would be expensive, but you can save a lot of money by making them yourself. They are easy to make, and they hardest part might be deciding what purpose your curtains will serve and how you want them to look.

If you want curtains that offer privacy, you will want a thicker material. If you want to be able to see through the curtains and keep bugs away, you will want to use a mesh like material. Follow the steps below to make curtains for any purpose.

Step 1- Measure for Your Curtains and Rods

Using your tape measure, determine the length and width of each side to be curtained. Be sure to add 3 inches to the ends for hems and curtain rod pockets. Measure the width of each side to determine how long a curtain rod or PVC pipe you will need.

Step 2- Buy Your Fabric and Materials

Based on what type of curtains you want, buy the appropriate material. For a lighter mesh material, you can use either curtain rods or PVC pipe. If you use rods, make sure to get a kind that will not rust and can withstand the elements. Buy enough rod to accommodate the curtains. If you are using PVC pipe, take your measurements to the hardware store, and they will cut the pipe for you.

Step 3- Sew Your Curtains

Sew a pocket along the top of the curtain large enough to fit the pipe or curtain rod. Hem the bottom of the material. If you are not going to fasten the bottom of your curtains to anything on the ground, it is a good idea to sew some fishing weights into the hem to keep it from blowing around too much. Whether or not you sew up along the side depends on the type of material your using and your own preference.

Step 4- Hang the Rods or PVC

If you are using curtain rods, attach the brackets that came with the rods. If you are using PVC, screw in the eye hooks. Make sure you install enough to support the curtains well in the corners. Thread the PVC pipe through the rod pocket you made on the curtain and attach the end to the 90 degree connector. Follow these step for each side and hang the pipe on the eye hooks. For rods, string the curtains and attach the rods to their brackets.