How to Make Vinyl Porch Railing Spindles

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-500
What You'll Need
Vinyl stock
Miter saw
Tape measure
Measuring square

Instead of using wood to make spindles for your deck or porch railing, you can use vinyl porch railing spindles instead. The vinyl porch railing spindles will last longer than wood and do not need to be replaced as frequently. You will not need to paint or repair the vinyl as often and they can be made to look like wood spindles that are traditionally used.

The spindles are used to hold the top and bottom rails of the deck rail together. They are also referred to as balusters. You can purchase pre-made vinyl spindles for your deck railing or, if you choose, make them from vinyl stock that you purchase. This article will discuss the process and method used to make vinyl rail spindles for your deck railing.

Step 1 - Purchase Material for Making Vinyl Spindles

A home improvement center will provide you with the vinyl stock needed to create the spindles or balusters for the deck railing. The stock will look like a piece of wood board with the only difference being that the piece is made out of vinyl. You should have the vinyl cut into pieces the length needed for deck rail balusters. The length of the spindles is usually outlined in the building code for your community as it related to decks and rails.

If you are not sure how long the spindles should be, ask the representative or sales associate at the home improvement center. They can provide you with a copy of the building code with information on the length of the deck rail spindles.

Step 2 - Cut the Vinyl Spindles

If you can on your own, cut the vinyl stock on a miter saw to the proper length needed for the spindles. The miter saw should be able to easily cut the vinyl stock and create the right sized spindles. Be sure to properly measure the vinyl stock twice before making the cuts. Use a measuring square and pencil to mark the cuts. Never cut directly on the line that you measure but 1/4 of an inch behind it in order for the spindles to line up correctly. Cut a few extra spindles for an emergency situation.

Step 2: Layout the Deck Rail

You will need to layout the deck rail and make sure that the vinyl spindles fit. This dry fitting will help you determine if additional spindles are needed as well as whether the spacing is proper before attaching them to the rails.

Step 3 - Drill Holes into the Spindles

With the deck rails laid out, drill small holes on both the outer and inner sides of the spindles at both the top and bottom. Drill the holes at an angle and into the deck rail.

Step 4 - Attach the Spindles

With the holes drilled into the spindles and the deck rails, use a screwdriver (or a drill with a screw bit) to attach the spindles to the deck rails. You are now ready to install the railing.