How to Make Wood Storage Cubes

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Wood putty
Wood glue

Building storage cubes is a relatively simple way of supplying yourself with plenty of additional space for storing purposes. Lack of storage space is a common problem faced by many people, both at home and at workplaces. Sometimes people tend to do away with forging out money to buy shelving units and cabinets and just tuck things away in a messy manner. It would be much more feasible to try making our own organizers and storage systems. Apart from saving money they can be made in a more customizable way, both with regards to style and size. Let us elaborate further on some basic guidelines to follow to manage to make wood storage cubes.

Step 1: Plan and Sketch

First of all decide where you would like to place the storage cubes. Depending on the free area, you can determine the dimensions you'll be applying. Draw a sketch of the layout of the final storage system. You can either make similarly sized cubes, or else vary the sizes.

Step 2: Acquire Materials

Next, you have to acquire the tools and materials you need. Choose wood which is not hard to work with. Buy planks according to the dimensions you settled on while bearing in mind to add a reasonable allowance.

Step 3: Cut the Wood

Put on safety glasses and gloves and start cutting the wood in the dimensions required.

Step 4: Sanding

Use a sandpaper to sand the wood so as to provide it with a smoother and neater finish. Afterwards, wipe them with a damp rag so as to remove the dust particles created after the sanding.

Step 5: Painting

If you wish to have your storage cubes in a natural wooden color you can skip this step. If, however, you prefer to paint them it is best to do so at this point. Otherwise, once they are assembled into cubes you will find it more demanding and time consuming to paint them neatly. Apply two or more coatings, and then once they are dry cover with a coating of wood sealer for additional protection.

Step 6: Assembling the Individual Cubes

Now you can start assembling all the wooden parts you cut together to form cubes. Use screws to fix the base to the two sides. Then fix the upper part and finally the back part. Pay attention to create an accurate right angle at every connection as otherwise you would not have a neat result.

Step 7: Final touches

Apply some wood putty to hide away the places where the screws can be seen. If you painted the wood, use a small paintbrush to apply some paint in these areas to make them less noticeable.

Step 8: Final Assembly

Once all the individual cubes are ready you have to assemble them together in a single unit. Start with the bottom cubes, and keep adding the ones on top. Apply wood glue and then fasten with screws for added robustness and security. Set them according to the shape ands layout you wish. Your storage cubes are ready to be filled in with your items. Now you can have a much neater and more organized environment thanks to them.