How to Make Wooden Borders for Shredded Mulch

What You'll Need
Wide wooden boards
2 inch nails
Measuring tape
Sealer and paint brush (optional)

Shredded mulch is an excellent way to protect and nurture your garden, but it also needs to be protected. A wooden border is an excellent way to that. The border not only adds to a decorative quality to the garden, it also keeps the mulch from eroding away. Making a wooden border is a simple project and can be done in an afternoon.

Step 1: Planning

Decide where you will need the border. If you already have the mulch in place, the border needs to be right at the edge. However, if you plan on making the border before you add mulch you need to know where the end of the bed will be.

You also need to decide if you wish to seal the wood. Sealing will help your border last longer. Painting the border, in addition to sealing it, adds another element to your yard. Simply paint the wood and let it dry before you place it in the ground.

There is no rule that says you have to have symmetrical wood bought from a lumbar yard. The irregular shape of unrefined, unsanded wood can also make an inviting border. However, if you choose to seal the wood, you will need to sand it.

Step 2: Stake the Borders

Attach the line to two stakes. Plant one stake at one corner of the border. The other stake needs to be planted at another corner, the line pulled tight. If you are making a square border, or one with many corners, repeat this step until you have stakes at every corner.

Step 3: Dig the Ditch

Using the trowel, dig a ditch under the line. It needs to be a few inches deep in order to support the boards. The ditch needs to be dug so that the boards will be of equal height when they are settled.

Step 4: Measure the Wood

Before you begin to place the wood in the ditch you need to be sure it is the right length. If it's too long, cut it down to size. If one board will not reach between the stakes, be sure you have another you can add that will comfortably fit.

Step 5: Place the Border

Now that your ditch is prepared, it's time to lay down the border. Place a wooden board next to the stake and fill in the dirt around it. Make sure the stake is deep in the ground and then hammer the board to the stake. If your board is not long enough to reach from one end to the other, plant another stake and nail it to the board. Continue this pattern all around the plot.