How to Make Wooden Furniture Look like Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is beautiful, and expensive. If you have a piece of wooden furniture you'd like to replace with teak, consider just creating a faux teak look instead. This can be done fairly easily, and for much less money than you would spend on real teak furniture.

Teak Oiled

One way to make wooden furniture appear to be teak is by using a teak oil method. Teak oil will give wood that beautiful teak finish. This type of oil or stain can be purchased at any home improvement store. It's applied just like any other stain. You need a well ventilated area and some old shop rags or towels. Follow the directions on the packaging to get a clean look.


In order to use an oil or stain, the wood will need to be sanded if it has an existing finish. The purpose of oiling is to allow the wood to absorb the color of the oil. This will give the wood a more realistic look.


The oiled wood can then be sealed to protect the finish. If the furniture is going to be used outside, use a sealer that has a waterproofing agent in it so the furniture will be protected from the elements.