How To Make Woven Rag Rugs

What You'll Need
Rag strips
Small hammer
Tack nails
Needle and thread
Plywood sheets

Woven rag rugsare a great way to get use out of cloth household items, such as sheets and clothing, after they are no longer usable for their original purpose. 

Step 1 - Cut the Rags

Cut the rags into 1-inch-wide strips. Depending on how short the strips are, you may need to sew them end to end if you want a wider rug. If you are making several woven rag rugs, save time by doing all of the strip cutting at once.

Step 2 - Lay the Groundwork

Place one rag strip on your plywood lengthwise. Using a tack nail, lightly hammer the strip in place. Place the next strip so that it touches the first strip and tack into place. Continue until you have the height you want for your rug.

Step 3 - Achieve Your Weave

Starting about an inch from the tacked end of the bottom strip, work another, free strip vertically into the tacked ones by weaving it over the first and under the second. Continue weaving over and under until you reach the top. Weave another strip in the same manner, only weave under the first and over the second, etc., to alternate the pattern. Weave the rest of the rag strips in with the same technique, alternating over and under until you are approximately 1 inch from the far edge.

Step 4 - Finishing Flourishes

Once you have finished weaving, sew around the edge of the rug to insure that the weave doesn’t start to come undone through use or washing. Once you have finished sewing, remove the tack nails from the rug.