How to Make Your Iron Nonstick

The hot under-surface of your iron goes through a lot of wear and tear through normal operation. The high temperature and the friction provided by the clothes greatly increase the chances of it getting scratched. A scratched and rough iron not only damages clothes, but also performs poorly. If you have an old or damaged iron, you should coat the underside with a Teflon-based non-stick coating. Your iron, as a result, will not only press clothes more efficiently, but will also use less electricity. Follow the simple steps given below to coat your iron with non-stick material.

Step 1 – Buy Teflon Base for Iron

Find a Teflon-based iron shield from a local store or online. Some iron shields have holes in them to allow steam to pass through. These are generally superior in quality to those with steam vents.

Step 2 – Take Necessary Precautions

When you receive the package containing the iron shield, open it and read the instructions. Once you are ready to start installing the iron shield, you should switch off the power supply to iron before attaching Teflon to the iron to avoid any chance of an electric shock.

Step 3 – Attaching the Iron Shield

The attaching method is different among brands but mostly it involves slipping on the shield on the iron.  Make sure that the iron surface is clean before covering its surface or simply clean the iron surface using salt on a damp cloth.  The iron shield is manufactured using polytetrafluoroethylene , simply known as Teflon in the market. It is a plastic based product. Scratches can damage it so be sure not to use it on a very rough surface.

Step 4 – Putting it to the Test

After you have installed your iron shield, put it to the test by using your iron to press your clothes. You will not only see a marked difference in the quality of ironing but will also be able to finish the job quicker. Your iron now will not have to be set to high temperatures to get the job done thereby reducing electricity consumption.