How to Make Your Lawn Mower Quicker

lawnmower moving across the lawn

Do you ever wish you could make your lawn mower work just a little harder and just a little faster? Do you want to try and speed up the time it takes for you to finish cutting your lawn? If so, try some of these tips to make tweaks to your lawn mower.

1. Change the Pulley System

If your lawn mower is belt-driven, you can alter the sizes of the pulley system. Generally, increase the size of the pulley in the back of the lawn mower and increase the size of the pulley attached to the engine. These slight adjustments will help to speed the lawn mower up.

2. Shorten the Spring

By shortening the spring on the governor of your lawnmower, you will make your mower go faster. Alternatively, you can remove the spring altogether. This is a trick of the trade often done when someone is looking to use their mower as a racing vehicle!

3. Add Fuel to the Tank

Always run your mower with a full gas tank. This will help it run at higher speeds and much more efficiently. At the same time, check the oil and top it off, if needed.