How to Make Your Own Bamboo Wind Chime

What You'll Need
3 Meters of 5cm diameter bamboo
Long 5mm drill bit
Large metal ring

Bamboo wind chimes are a simple yet effective way of creating soothing music in any part of the home. Whether your wind chime is used in the garden or hung near a window, it is a perfect natural wind and percussion instrument with a magical sound.

Step 1: Cutting the Bamboo

Take the bamboo and cut the tube into 6 separate pieces of different lengths. The first piece needs to measure 30cm and this will act as the base from which the other bamboo tubes will hang. 2 further pieces will need to measure 30cm, 2 must measure 35cm in length and the final piece needs to measure 40cm.

Once cut, you need to measure 5cm in from the end of each hanging tube and use the saw to cut the marked area away at a slight angle so you're left with a slanted edge.  At this stage, you should have five hanging tubes in varying lengths and one base tube.

Step 2: Drilling the Holes in the Right Places

Take the hanging tubes and measure 2cm down on the non-slanted end. Mark this with a pencil on all 5 tubes. Next, you need to drill a hole through the side of each marked tube so that the string can be threaded through.

On the base tube, you will need to measure in 5cm from the edge. This will be the location of the first hole. Continue to make measurements every 5cm so you're left with 5 pencil marks in total. Drill straight through these marks to the other side.

Step 3: Stringing the Wind Chime Together

Cut 5 lengths of 70cm string. Use the first hole for the 30cm tube, the second hole for the 35cm tube, the third hole for the 40cm piece, the fourth hole for the 35cm tube and the final hole for the 30cm tube. This will leave you with a V-shaped Wind Chime.

You now need to string your bamboo tubes together to create the finished piece. Pick up your base tube. Tie a sturdy knot in one piece of string and thread it through the first hole on the top side through to the bottom.

Pick up the 30cm hanging tube and thread the string through the drilled hole on the non-slanted edge. Next, push the string back through the bottom of the hole on the base and back through to the top hole, moving the knot out of the way so that the string can be pulled through. Secure the remaining length of string with another knot so there are two knots above the top hole. Repeat for each tube until all five are hanging from the base.

Step 4: Hanging the Wind Chime

Your hanging tubes are now attached to the base, but you still need to be able to hang your wind chime. Cut another piece of string measuring 70cm. Thread this through the entire length of the bamboo base tube and knot the two ends together, inserting a large metal ring so it can hang more easily. Your wind chime is ready to use.