How to Make Your Own Ceramic Decorative Bowls

What You'll Need
Tools for designing pieces
Clay, preferably sculpey
Kiln or oven (depends on the type of clay that you will be using)
Surface to work on

Ceramic decorative bowls are known as versatile kitchen tools and appreciated for their beautiful glossy finish. They work well with both hot and cold foods and come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Inexpensive bowls are usually mass produced or machine made, while handmade bowls, especially ones with intricate designs, command a price.

Making a decorative ceramic bowl from scratch requires skill, patience, and some degree of artistry. You also need to be aware of certain safety precautions since you will be working with ovens. However, it can be a fun activity to do since it will allow you to express your creativity and imagination.

Step 1: Removing Bubbles from the Clay

Place the clay on the table. Press, squeeze, knead and throw the clay alternately against the table. This is necessary to remove the bubbles from the clay to prevent explosion when you bake the bowl later.

Step 2: Forming the Bowl

Next, make a ball out of the clay; afterwards, make an indentation or a small crater in the middle of the clay ball using your thumb. Following that, place your forefinger on the outside of the crater while you put your thumb inside the crater. Using the indentation as a guide, pinch the clay in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion to form a bowl shape. This is called the pinch pot method.

Step 3: Slip and Score

Slip and score are the attaching techniques used in ceramic bowls. These techniques are crucial to ensure that attachments don’t fall out of place. In scoring, you use a tool to carve out hash marks on the backside of the attachment and also on the part of the bowl where you’re going to place the attachment. With slipping, you place a mixture of clay and water on the attachment that will serve as glue so that it will hold into place inside the bowl.

Step 4: Baking the Clay Bowl

Fire the oven to bake the clay bowl; temperature and baking time will depend on the type of clay and oven that you will be using. Sculpey is one of the best clays around for making bowls since it will easily harden even under low heating temperatures.

Step 5: Painting the Ceramic Bowl

When you’re using acrylic paint, just place your design on the bowl; let the paint dry and you are done. On the other hand, if you’re going to use glaze, you need to fire the bowl after applying the glaze.

Apart from using a decorative ceramic bowl to hold food, it makes a beautiful display object.