How to Make Your Own Drain Snake

A drain snake.

So your drain is clogged and you know the plumber lives for this kind of easy money, but you don’t have a drain snake. No worries; a few household items can have your drains running free and keep your cash in your pocket.

A Steel Coat Hanger

Use pliers to remove the hook portion and the twisted knot of metal just under it, then straighten the remaining steel wire. A coat hanger snagged in the drain is a larger problem than a clog, so leave the business end straight. Form a “Z” shape at the hanger’s end, then crank it as you push it into the drain.

A Bike Lock Cable

A steel cable with vinyl covering will work for medium distances; twist as you push it into the drain. Be certain to clean it well after use, as the household drain is a nasty place.

Steel Cable

Check your garage for steel cable of 1/8” or greater thickness. Using needle-nose pliers, shape individual wires at the end to resemble a daisy in bloom. Twist as you push the wire daisy into the drain.

Don’t Buy These Items

If these ideas aren’t within reach, check out your local hardware store. Some DIY drain snakes are less than 20 bucks. It’s a good investment.