How to Make Your Own Egress Window Well Covers

  • 3-24 hours
  • Beginner
  • 75-200
What You'll Need
Metal Grate Well Cover
Super Glue
Hot Glue Gun
Measuring Tape
Powerdrill (optional)

Egress window well covers can help to protect the egress windows around your basement. While covers are available in many kinds of styles, the costs are all comparable, often over $1,000. Rather than spending money, follow the instructions below to make your own covers.

Step 1: Buy The Plexiglas & Metal Grate

Start by measuring the well and write the measurements so you can order the Plexiglas and metal grate. You can order them online or buy them at a local store. Try to buy one that comes with a hinge, so you can install the hinge and grate. Also make sure that the Plexiglas will be wide enough to fit over the grate, so the metal does not rust and protects the well.

Step 2: Prepare

Once you have the supplies, you will need to clear off the area around the well before you can install them. So go ahead and cut the grass if you need too. You want the area to be as clear as possible for the best results.

Step 3: Glue The Plexiglas Onto The Grate

Before you install the grate, it will be a good idea to attach the Plexiglas onto the grate. Start by making sure that the grate is dry and place it on some old newspaper. Using the glue gun, follow the grid on the grate and then place the Plexiglas on top of it. Depending on the glue itself, you may need to hold it in place so it can set and attach itself. So be sure to follow any of their directions that they issued you.

If you already have a grate installed, take it out and then glue on the Plexiglas so that you do not glue it shut.

Also, wipe around the edge of the grate so no wet glue will dry on it.

Step 4: Install the Grate

Now that the Plexiglas is on the grate, you can install the whole grate into the well. They will likely have directions on how to install it, so read through them twice before you begin and keep them handy just in case you need them during the installation.

Start by installing the hinge on the edge of the well. You may need to use a power drill for this part, if the ground is hard. So take your time to get the hinge(s) installed right.

Once you have the hinge(s) installed, you can attach the grate. Most simply screw in, however each one will work a bit different, so be sure to look up and find out how to attach the one that you have.

Step 5: Testing the Grate

After you have installed it, it would be wise to test it three ways. One, run a sprinkler over it the grate and make sure no water goes inside the well. Two, have a child try to open it the grate by standing inside of the well to make sure that a child can open it. Three, open it by standing beside the grate outside.

If it passes all 3 test, you have successfully installed an egress window well cover.