How To Make Your Own Hose Reel

What You'll Need
Large wooden wire spindle
2x10-inch treated lumber, 12 feet long
C-inch plywood
Measuring tape
Wood screws
1-inch plastic C clamp with screw holes
Power drill with large drill bit
4 to 6-inch wood dowel, 1/2 -inch to 2 inches in diamete
2 small L-brackets

If you need a garden hose reel to safely store your garden hose, you can either buy one or create your own. Follow these steps to make a unique device in only a few hours.

Step 1 - Find the Wooden Wire Spindle

Visit companies in your area that use large spindles for different types of wires that they may use or sale. Contact electrical supply stores, TV cable companies or even your local power company. A spindle that is approximately 20 to 24 inches in diameter will work for 25 to 50 foot hoses, and a large 36-inch spindle will accommodate longer lengths.

Step 2 - Build the Frame

Cut the 2x10 lumber into two equal lengths of 20 (for a smaller spindle) to 30 inches (for a larger spindle). Cut the ¾-inch plywood to a suitable size for the base of your reel, 1½ to 2 times the length and width of your wooden spindle.

Measure the height of your spindle. Place the two pieces of 2x10 lumber 2 inches wider than the spindle roll, and secure them to the base with wood screws. If you have enough 2x10 lumber left over, use it to brace the 2 pieces of the frame of your hose reel together at the bottom and secure it with wood screws.

Step 3 - Drill Holes for the Rebar

Measure the diameter of your rebar. Use a bit slightly larger than that size to drill holes in the 2x10 lumber that will allow you to center the spindle so that the top is even with the top of the lumber. For example, if you're using a spindle that is 24 inches in diameter, make your rebar holes approximately 12 inches from the top of the lumber.

Step 4 - Install the Spindle and Rebar

Have someone help you thread the piece of rebar through the holes that you drilled in the 2x10 braces and the center of the spindle. The weight of the spindle should allow you to simply use the hose reel without having to worry about the rebar falling out.

Step 5 - Install Handle

Use wood screws to attach the length of wood dowel to the outside page of the spindle. Then, attach the small L-clips, and secure them with short wood screws to keep the handle sturdy and in place.

Step 6 – Paint the Hose Reel

Finish or paint your new hose reel as you see fit.

Step 7 - Attach the Water Hose

Drape the water hose over the wire spindle, leaving enough slack in the rear of the reel to ensure that it can reach the water faucet easily. Then use the C-clamps to screw the water hose to either side of the spindle. Do not tighten too much—only enough that the hose can be wound or unwound without coming off of the spindle.