How to Make Your Own Ice Fishing Jig

What You'll Need
Soldering Iron
Spinner Blade
Light Wire Hook
Wire Cutters
Jig Paint
Plastic Beads

An ice fishing jig is a favorite lure among many seasoned ice fisherman. The chance to prolong the fishing season by being able to throw in a line during the winter months is something that many people enjoy to do. The different types of bait that can be used is mostly the same as with regular fishing. However, the use of an ice fishing jig will increase the chances of landing that big fish for the supper pan. Making an ice fishing jig is an easy project that can be done in a few steps.

Step 1: Place Spinner on Bench

To start the process of making an ice fishing jig you will need to lay the spinner on your worktable with the part that is concaved lying up towards you.

Step 2: Cut the Hook

Using the wire cutters, cut off the top of one of the fishing hooks near the part that is called the eye. Once that is finished lay it beside the spinner on the bench.

Step 3: Heat the Soldering Iron

You can start the soldering iron before you do any work, or plug it in when you get to this step. It must be hot before you use it so make sure to give it enough time. Many times the homemade jig fails because the soldering iron was not hot enough when it was used to solder the pieces together.

Step 4: Solder Hook to Spinner

Once the soldering iron is hot enough, then solder the hook to the spinner. Use the pliers to hold the hook onto the back side of the spinner blade so that is does not move while touching it with the solder. Get a good bead on the solder and then touch it to the spinner and hook. Make sure that the solder makes a seal all along the edge of the hook where it is touching the blade.

Step 5: Clean off Flux

After the blade cools down enough to work with, clean off the excess flux on the spinner blade.

Step 6: Paint Spinner Blade

With the hook attached to the spinner blade you can now customize it with paint. You will be painting the face of the jig where the hook has been soldered on. Use any combination of dots, lines, or squiggles in order to present a flash of color underneath the ice.

Step 7: Place Beads on Hook

If you are going perch fishing then you will want some more "flash" to the spinner blade. You can do this through installing some plastic beads onto the hook. Use the pliers and crimp off the barb that is on the hook tip. Heat up the hook until it is hot enough to melt plastic. Thread a few beads onto the hook through the tip. They will melt onto the hook and then hold tight after it cools down.

Step 8: Seal Paint

After everything has been completed with the creation of the ice fishing jig you have the option of sealing the paint. If you want to keep the jig for a long time, then this will help to preserve the paint and keep it bright for a better appeal to the fish.