How to Make Your Own Inground Pool Covers

A blue pool cover.
  • 16-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-400
What You'll Need
Vinyl or tarp
Strong scissors
Waterproof epoxy
Metal strips
Strong magnets
Tape measure
Permanent marker
Masonry hole bit

Inground pool covers are meant to prevent debris from entering the pool. Instead of buying inground pool covers, you can make them yourself. This article will show you how.

Step 1 - Measure and Cut

Inground pool covers are rectangular so there is no need to cut them for the shape of your pool. You will only need basic measurements. Use your tape measure to record the length of the pool at its longest point and the width of the inground pool at its widest point. This will give you the general measurement that you will use when making the pool cover. Transfer these measurements to the material you selected to use. Only draw the measurements on the side you plan to not have facing up. Include an extra 1¼-inch in the measurements to create a clean hem. Once the measurements have been recorded you can cut the material.

Step 2 - Make the Hem

An inground pool cover.

In order to make the inground pool covers look nicer, hems are added to create a nice line to the finished product. For this project, the hem will have another function as a way to fasten the pool cover to the pool. You will want to place the metal strips along each edge of the pool cover. The only bare spots will be at the extreme corners. The metal strips should be somewhat flexible and about an inch wide. Start with one edge and fold it over. This will push the metal strip toward the center of the material. Make the fold about an inch then let the material go and it will go back to normal but the metal strip will remain positioned. Use the marine grade epoxy and create a line along the edge of the material. Pull the edge over again but by 1½-inch to cover and pass over the metal strip. Press the edge down and hold it firmly in place. The epoxy will set quickly creating the hem. Repeat for each edge of the pool cover.

Step 3 - Fasten

An inground pool cover.

In order for inground pool covers to be effective, they need to cover the pool and stay in place. This is what the magnets are for as they work even if they get wet. Spread the pool cover over the pool and weight it down once it is evenly spaced. Use a pencil and draw a simple line along the outer edge. The metal strip will be very close to this edge and will serve as a guide. Use round magnets that are slightly larger than the width of the metal and choose a drill bit that is identical to the size of the magnets. Every foot along the edge make a hole that is exactly the same depth as the magnets are thick. Use a mallet to push the magnets inside the holes. The inground pool covers will latch on to the magnets to create a seamless connection.