How to Make Your Own Mattress Pad

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Memory foam in bulk
Multipurpose utility knife
Straight edge level

Most people prefer stepping into the nearest bedding and home furnishings store to purchase their mattresses as it might seem much easier than actually putting together a mattress pad at home. However, with the right knowledge and materials, anyone can make their own mattress pad at home. Memory foam mattress pads are the easiest to make and with the correct instructions and good quality materials one can easily match up to factory-made standards.

Step 1 - Measure Bed

Take down the dimensions of the mattress needed using the measuring tape. Measure your bed after removing the current mattresses so that you get the precise measurements. The memory foam should be spread out on a level plane and held down securely with heavy weights. Make sure you smooth and flatten out the foam well so that you can make accurate measurement marks on it. With the straight edge mark the measurements onto the surface of the memory foam with a permanent marker. The lines should be drawn precisely and in exact accordance with the measurements.

Step 2 - Cut Foam

Cut the memory foam by the markings made by using the utility knife. Memory foam can prove to be a tricky material so it is important to use a knife with a razor sharp, new blade for the utmost precision. With a new blade you will have to exert less to cut perfectly and the chances of slipping and having an accident or messing up the measurements are greatly reduced.

Step 3 - Check Measurements

Once the mattress has been cut put it onto the bed to check whether it fits right. The pad should lie perfectly on the foam and should not extend over the edges of the memory foam. In case the foam cut is too short you will need to restart the entire process with a brand new memory foam sheet. However, if the problem lies in too much length, you can easily trim off the excess.

    Step 4 - Benefits of Making Mattress Pads at Home

    The benefits of making your own mattress pad at home include saving heaps of money in the long run. Learning the art of making mattress pads at home allows one to customize one’s bedding to one’s specific requirements. Having a mattress pad tailor-made at a store can often prove to be very expensive and most people just choose to make do with whatever is the closest-in-dimension size available.

    Also, mattresses made at home using memory foam are known to be clinically more healthy than those that are factory-made as the latter often have factory fumes and harmful materials clinging to the fibers. Hence, learning to make a mattress pad at home is a valuable skill in terms of meeting health needs and avoiding allergies, having a custom-made bedding and of course, saving money.