How to Make Your Own Metal Pegboard Hooks

What You'll Need
Metal wire
Wire cutter or snip
Vice or pliers

Pegboard hooks are used to hang items on your metal pegboard. A metal pegboard are not found in wide use as they once were so it may be useful to know how to make your own metal pegboard hooks should the need arise for your to replace any of your existing metal pegboard hooks.

This how-to informational article will provide you with the steps, tools and materials needed to make your own hooks for your metal pegboard. Forming metal hooks for your metal pegboard is an easy task to accomplish and should be well within the skill set of any doit-yourselfer.

Step 1: Purchase Metal Wire

You need to purchase metal wire that will be used to form the hooks for your metal pegboard. The gauge of the metal wire should match the size of the holes in the peg board where the hooks will be inserted. You can ask the retailer at a hardware store or wire manufacturer for the proper wire gauge needed for your metal pegboard. The gauges for your metal pegboard are fairly standard so there should not be much variation in the sizes and widths needed for the hooks that you will form for your metal pegboard.

Step 2: Cut Wire Lengths for the Hooks

Using the wire cutters or the wire snips, cut lengths of the wire to be formed into the hooks for the metal pegboard. A length of 1-1/2 to 2 inches of wire should be sufficient that when formed will make an adequate hook for your pegboard. If you have larger items that need to be hung on the pegboard, cut a longer length of the wire to accommodate the larger items.

Cut each metal piece equal lengths to each other so that it will be easier to make the hook forms, as described in the next step of this project.

Step 3: Form the Wire into Hooks

Take a pair of pliers or a vice and form the wire pieces into hooks. Bend one end of the wire downward into a V shape that can be inserted inside the pegboard. With the pliers or the vice form a circle or hook at the other end of the wire. This will create the form needed to hang items on when suspended from the pegboard.

You can also use a metal bar or round form to shape the wire around in order to give the rounded hook shape that you are looking for.

Step 4: Complete the Hooks and Attach Them to the Pegboard

With the wires formed into the hook forms they can be hung on the metal pegboard. This will complete the creation of metal hooks for your metal pegboard.

Experiment with different hook shapes (i.e. circles, V-shaped, closed hooks etc.) to accommodate a variety of different items to be hung on the metal pegboard.