How to Make Your Own Mildew Remover

What You'll Need
Tea tree oil
Grapefruit seed
White wine vinegar
Warm water
Empty spray bottles
Paper towels

If you're tired of paying top dollar for commercial cleaning products or are put off by their potent chemicals, it may interest you to learn that you can easily make your own mildew remover with a few common household products. Homemade mildew removers are every bit as effective at ridding your home of mildew as their commercial counterparts.

Step 1 - Make a Milk-Based Cleaner

In addition to being part of a regular diet, milk is a key ingredient in a highly effective homemade mildew remover. To produce a milk-based cleaning solution, begin by boiling some milk on your stove. Then, once the milk has reached its boiling point, mix equal parts boiled milk and warm water inside of an empty spray bottle. After combining your ingredients, seal the spray bottle and vigorously shake the solution before using.

Step 2 - Make a White Wine Vinegar-Based Cleaner

White wine vinegar is another food product that doubles as an effective tool for mildew removal. Simply combine 1/4 cup white wine vinegar with 1 cup of warm water inside of an empty spray bottle. Just like the aforementioned milk-based cleaning solution, you will need to give the spray bottle in which your cleaner is housed a thorough shaking before proceeding to use the mildew remover.

Step 3 - Make a Grapefruit Seed-Based Cleaner

Grapefruit seed extract is another unexpectedly effective tool for purging your home of mildew. To make a grapefruit seed-based mildew remover, combine 20 droplets of grapefruit seed extract with 2 cups of warm water inside of an empty spray bottle. Make sure to shake well before using.

Step 4 - Make a Tea Tree Oil-Based Cleaner

Tea tree oil is a fantastic natural mildew remover. To produce a tea tree oil-based mildew cleaning solution, combine 2 tsp tea tree oil with 2 cups of warm water inside of an empty spray bottle. After combining your ingredients, shake the spray bottle until your cleaning solution takes form.

Step 5 - Apply Your Cleaning Solution

Now that you've made a suitable cleaning solution, you'll need to clean any mildew-infested areas of your home. Using your spray bottle, vigorously apply the solution to your mildew-laden tiling, flooring, walls or windows. After allowing your cleaning solution to set in for several minutes, proceed to thoroughly wipe down the dirty surface with the aid of a sponge, washcloth, paper towel or, in the case of flooring, a mop.

After administering a thorough scrubbing to the surface you wish to clean, fill another empty spray bottle with warm water and proceed to rinse off any lingering traces of cleaning solution. Next, use a squeegee to give your formerly mildew-heavy surface a smooth, streak-free drying. If you don't have a squeegee on hand, an absorbent washcloth or paper towel can be used for this purpose. If any traces of mildew remain, reapply your mildew remover and repeat the cleaning process.