How to Make Your Own Motorcycle Chaps

  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-200
What You'll Need
Sketch paper
Chap material (leather)
Belt buckle
Leather sewing needle

Making your own motorcycle chaps is not that difficult. It does however require sewing ability. It will take a few hours to put the chaps together once you have acquired the materials. Patience and careful detail planning is important to make it a successful project. Sewing leather is a tough chore, and you may have to stop from time to time to rest your hands.

Step 1 – Planning

Envision the chaps you would like to create and draw out a sketch of it on paper. Try to draw the chaps true to size. You are basically making a pair of pants with a cut out in the crotch area. Measure your waist size while sitting; add to this 2 or 3 inches. then measure your leg length, from your waist down to the floor.

Step 2 – Create the Chap Pieces

Cut a piece of leather that is about 4 inches wide, the length of the waist measurement in step 1 above. Cut a second and third piece of leather as long as the measurement in Step 1 above for your leg length. These two pieces of leather should be as wide as your legs diameter plus a few inches for comfort. Fold the two pieces of leg material over so they are half as wide as the original piece. Cut out an oval shape at the top of the leg pieces about the size of a basketball about half way into the width of the leg material folded in half. Begin to sew the chap legs inner seam along the length of the legs. You want to sew the seam twice. First you sew the seam together, but you have to fold it over and sew it a second time to prevent the material from fraying. Sew both of the legs so they now are tubular and look like pant legs. You should have one left one and one right one. There should be a half moon cut out of each leg, which was the cut out which was done above. Taking the fabric you cut our earlier to be used as the waist piece, fold it over, so as to make a holder for a belt. Sew the waist piece along its length to seal the belt tunnel in the waist piece. The belt tunnel should be about 2 inches in width.

Step 3 – Sew the Pieces Together

Using a pair of pants as a guide lay the chap legs on top of the pants with the oval cut outs facing in toward the crotch. Lay the waist piece you created on top of the pants as well. Loosely stitch into place the waist piece and the leg pieces. Once they are loosely assembled make sure the waist and length are okay. Take the time to assemble the waist piece to the leg pieces. Once the chaps are sewn together, attach a belt buckle to one end of the waist piece. Create holes in the other side for the buckle to grab. The chaps should be complete now, try them on, and go for a ride.