How to Make Your Own Octagon Window Coverings

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Curtain rods

Making design features for an octagon window can be challenging. If you are not sure whether you wish to try installing curtains in your octagon window yet, but still want some kind of covering for it, then you should consider building some octagon window coverings. Rather than purchase slats or blinds from a store, at great expense, you should try making one out of cardboard, old lace, or even PVC. All of these things can help to keep your octagon window covered up, while still allowing you to have the freedom to change your mind without loosing money. If you have some basic home improvement skills, and are willing to have a go at making your own octagon window coverings, then follow a few simple steps to help you get the project done quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Cutting Some Cardboard

Prepare the covers by cutting down a large cardboard box. The sort which are used by removal men would be ideal. Cut off the largest sides, and then fold around an inch of board along each side. Imagine you were installing a shutter, and push the cardboard against the window, following the shape of the frame. Push the tacks into the inch fold you made, and then repeat. For a larger octagonal window you may need to install several pieces of board.

Step 2  - Add Some Lace

Having a cardboard shutter with nothing else can seem a bit boring and tacky, you don't want the neighbors to think that you've moved out and the house is deserted, after all. In order to prevent this, you should use some lace to add to the bottom of the cardboard. This can also be a good way to allow light to enter your room from time to time. Simply remove the tacks from the cardboard along facing sides, and tie a ribbon to the bottom of the lace. Use glue to keep the lace on the bottom of the cardboard. You should be able to lift the cardboard away and back, so that it parts like raised curtains during the day. The ribbon can be lowered at night to keep strangers from seeing into the room.

Step 3- Make Felt Curtains

Another option is to make felt covers for your windows. Choose several pieces of curtain rail, and install them above your octagon windows. You may need to cut these to size, depending upon how wide the windows are. Cut several pieces of felt, and using a needle and thread, sew into pleats. Cut small holes in the top of the felt, and thread it into the curtain rail. You can also use ribbons on the bottom of the felt, so that the curtain pleats can be opened and closed as you wish.

Step 4 - Other Options

Rather than use felt or lace, you could use other materials, although they may start to resemble poorly made curtains if you are not careful. Use tulle, and make a curtain rod pocket at the top. This can be drawn or left closed, as you wish. You can also use bathrobes, simply hang the rod through the sleeves, and pull. You could use a different bathrobe for each panel of the octagon.