How to Make Your Own Outdoor Flag

What You'll Need
Outdoor fabric
Sharp scissors
Tracing paper
Needle and durable thread
Sewing machine
Screw driver

An outdoor flag can add character to your house and help celebrate special events. Making your own flag gives it special meaning and can become a family keepsake, and it's a fun project to do with your whole family. Each person can complete a different part of the project or you can all work on the same part together. Everything you need can be found at a fabric or craft store.

Step 1-Trace Pattern Onto Fabric

Using the tracing paper, transfer the patterns onto the appropriate fabric. For example, if you are going to make a flower, transfer a leaf pattern onto green fabric and the petals onto red fabric. Trace the pattern onto the back of the fabric so that any remaining marks will be hidden in the final product.

Step 2-Cut the Material

After the pattern is traced, cut them into individual parts. Trim them as neatly as possible, but leave a little extra fabric on the edge to fold under as you sew. When you cut the large piece for the background, leave room for the hem and several inches for the sleeve.

Step 3-Assemble Pattern on the Background

When you have finished cutting the pieces, assemble the pattern on the background fabric and pin the pieces in place. This allows you to see a sample of the completed project and make any last minute changes. Again, leave room on the edges for the hem and sleeve.

Step 4-Sew the Pattern Onto the Background

Once you are satisfied with the pattern, it is time to sew it together. The smaller pieces may need to be hand sewn; the rest can be stitched by machine. Be sure to fold some fabric under to avoid ragged edges. It is also possible to accent your design using a needle and thread. Do this by stitching the pieces with a different color, or a darker shade of the same color.

Step 5-Hem the Edge and Sew the Sleeve

Once you have completed the design, it is time to hem it. Pin the edges down, facing the back of the flag, and then hem them. Once this is done, fold several inches of the flag back in order to make the sleeve. Leave enough room for the dowel. Sew the sleeve shut, starting at the bottom of the flag. Work your way up and then sew across the top to close the sleeve and prevent the flag from slipping down.

Step 6-Hang and Enjoy

Now that your flag is complete, you can hang it outside. To do this you must first prepare a place to hang it. Screw the bracket wherever you would like to hang the flag. Secure the flag on the dowel and place the dowel in the bracket. Stand back and enjoy