How to Make Your Own Pet Bird Carrier

What You'll Need
4 pieces fret board 1x12x12 (or greater than 12 high for a larger bird)
4 pieces MDF 2x1x12 (or greater than 12 high for a larger bird)
Router and Bits
2 piece MDF 1/2 x12x12
Wood Glue
Wood Screws
Screw Driver
Cage Bedding
Water Container
2 Small Hinges
1 Hook and Eye

If you need to take your pet to the veterinarian you won’t want to lug a huge cage with you, so why not make a pet bird carrier? They are much more compact and easier to handle. Your bird will need a carrier similar to a small cage. It will need air holes. Also you need to keep in mind that if the bird has an injury, like a sore wing, it must be comfortable inside the carrier. You can make your bird carrier from pretty much any material which can be punctured to create air holes. For this particular bird carrier we have chosen fret work and medium density fiberboard.

Step 1 – Pieces

Place the pieces together as a dry run and make sure you have everything there that you will need. Plug the jigsaw in and make certain that you have enough cord length to reach your work surface.

Step 2 – Cutting

Use the router with a tongue and groove bit to create a tongue in the 4 pieces of MDF (2x1x12). The grooves need to be just a tad wider than the thickness of the fret board pieces so that the fret board can be slid into the grooves. Cut all four of the MDF pieces. One groove needs to be on the edge of the MDF piece and one groove need to be on the face of them ¼ inch in from the other edge.

Step 3 – Fret Board

Fret board is great stuff. It is cut from medium density fiberboard and already has decorative holes cut in it. You can choose whichever style of pattern you like, dependent on where you buy it and what the choices are. Once you have cut the grooves on the MDF pieces you can slide the fret board pieces into the grooves and make sure they are the right size. On one piece of the fret board cut a hole for a door. Make it just large enough to comfortably fit your bird inside. Use the cut out piece as the door and hinge it to the fret board.

Step 4 – Top and Bottom

Take one of the 2 pieces of MDF (½ x12x12) and, using the router and the same bit, create a groove ½ inch from the edge, all the way around. Take the other identical piece and do the same. Place the bottom piece with the grooves facing upward and glue and screw the four posts into place.

Step 5 – Assembling

Slide the four fret boards into the grooves and place the top over the whole assembly. Glue and screw all pieces it into place. Secure the handle on to the top piece and you are ready to go.