How to Make Your Own Pipe Clamp

a table clamp holding a piece of wood on a table
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-15
What You'll Need
Pipe clamp kit
3/4 inch black pipe
Adjustable wrench
Light oil

A pipe clamp is an invaluable tool when doing any type of custom woodworking. Pipe clamps are a very simple type of clamp that consist of a stationary head, a movable tail, and a threaded pipe. The pipe clamp can be adjusted according to the size that is needed by simply turning the bottom section to move the clamping jaws closer together. They are very strong and the pipe makes them stationary when clamping larger projects. There are many different sizes of pipe clamps available today and are found in many woodworking and metalworking shops. A pipe clamp is also very easy to build.

Step 1 - Inspect Parts

While a pipe clamp is not a precision instrument, you will still want it to work properly. When you purchase the head and tail stop of the pipe clamp kit you should inspect these items to make sure they are not damaged in any way. Pay attention to the threads of the tail stop. If you see any bent or chipped threads then you will need to exchange it for another.

Step 2 - Clean Threads

The only working part of a pipe clamp depends on the threads that are located on the 3/4 inch pipe. If you decide to put in your own threads with a die set, you will want to pay very close attention to how you are creating them. However, it is much easier, and more accurate, to purchase a pipe that has bottom threads in it already. Wipe the threads clean of any debris, metal shavings, or anything else that can interfere with how they work.

Step 3 - Attach Top Clamp

Hold the fixed head of the pipe clamp in one hand. Take the pipe in the other hand and line up the threaded portions of each. It is important to make sure that you line up the threads carefully and do not force them together. Any crossing of the threads will not allow the stationary head to be seated properly. If this happens the clamp will not function properly. Turn the pipe clockwise to attach the top head of the pipe clamp.

Step 4 - Attach Bottom Clamp

Once the top fixed position head of the pipe clamp is screwed onto the 3/4 inch pipe you can then slide the bottom assembly onto the pipe. Hold back the locking plate of the tail towards the tail plate as you slide the assembly onto the pipe. Make sure that the clamp jaws are facing the same way as the top fixed position.

Step 5 - Tighten Bolts

Using an adjustable wrench, open it up enough to fit the square bolts on the top fixed position head. You will then connect the bottom tail assembly to the top and tighten the bolts. Once this is finished, give the top fixed head a slight turn and it will be locked onto the pipe. You are now ready to use your newly constructed pipe clamp.